Wild Salmon over Spinach Fettucini w/ Paleo Bread Sticks

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Wild Salmon over Spinach Fettucini.”  Today’s wild salmon is going to taste great with some soy sauce on it…. Wait, no… Not soy sauce, we’ve completely eliminated it from our household, but we still get to enjoy a very similar taste by using Coconut Secret – Coconut Aminos.  Once I got a taste of the Coconut Aminos I knew it was a keeper, because it has a soy-like taste, but doesn’t have the soy-like damaging effects… And, it comes with a ton of amino acids that soy doesn’t give you, it doesn’t have GMO’s, grains, gluten, dairy, and it’s organic too!  We picked it up from www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo along with our coconut Paleo Bread, which in today’s recipe we converted into garlic bread sticks.  It’s probably the only bread sticks in the world that are dairy and grain free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, and organic, just like the Coconut Aminos!  Also in this recipe, we are using one of our favorite products, one that leaves the guilt behind.  It’s Miracle Noodles – Fettucini, which are made of naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, or starch….  They also contain zero net carbs and zero calories, no gluten – and are made from a healthy natural fiber called Glucomannan.  And, they are simple to make which I absolutely love!


• Wild Salmon

• 2 tsp Coconut Secret – Coconut Aminos

• ¾ cup frozen chopped spinach

• 2 tsp Coconut oil – for frying

• 1 package Miracle Noodles Fettucini

• 1 slice coconut Paleo Bread

• Garlic Powder

• 1 tsp olive oil

• Sea salt and black pepper


1)      Melt coconut oil in frying pan

2)      Cook Salmon in coconut oil

3)      Put 1 tsp Coconut Aminos on Salmon

4)      Put spinach in boiling water and allow to cook.

5)      Wash Miracle Noodles, then place in boiling water with spinach for a minute.

6)      When salmon gets flipped, add the other tsp of Coconut Aminos

7)      Add Sea Salt and black pepper to taste

8)      For garlic bread, add Paleo Bread to toaster oven.

9)      When Paleo Bread is ½ way toasted, cover it with olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper.

10)   Cut into strips when complete, add fresh garlic if you prefer. 

11)   Strain spinach and Miracle Noodles, then plate…  Top with salmon.

12)   Add sea salt and black pepper to taste.

 Prep Time:

• 4 minutes

Cook Time:

• 20 minutes


• 1-2

This was a very simple meal to make, and also tastes great and packs a nutritional punch.  With the ease of cooking with the Miracle Noodles (just boil for one minute after rinsing them off), along with the ease of flavoring up our wild salmon with just a few drops of Coconut Secret-Coconut Aminos, and not to forget about our super easy to make Paleo Bread sticks!!!  Even a caveman can do it! 

So make sure you surf on by to Julian Bakery Dot Com and check out all of their fine products in their Paleo section.  That’s where you can find these great primal approved items, and many many more…. Cookbooks, bars, seasonings, and even Paleo Protein which is derived from grass-fed cows…. Yeah, they take their Paleo stuff seriously!  Thanks for stopping by to check out this dinner blog, using great products available to you from www.JulianBakery/Paleo!

Dan From Primal4Life 

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