Wheat Grass: Nature’s Cure-All

Holy health benefits! I never tried wheat grass until I moved to California.  Out here in the land of health conscious, this stuff is really blowing up!  A friend of mine offered me a wheat grass cocktail at Jamba Juice one day and of course I couldn’t say no to something new.  At first I was slightly worried about the taste being bad, but after I gulped it down the taste was no issue.  Once I got home I eagerly jumped online to discover a list of health benefits longer than my patience allowed me to read.  The basis of this terrific natural cure-all is that it is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available.  The high amounts of chlorophyll contribute to some incredible health benefits including:

  • High levels of oxygen, improving brain and organ tissue function
  • Serves as an anti-bacterial, arresting growth of unhealthy bacteria
  • Rebuilding the bloodstream, improving red blood cell count
  • High magnesium content, building enzymes to increase sex hormones
  • Removes drug deposits, neutralizes toxins, and purifies the liver
  • Improves blood sugar problems
  • Increases heart function, vascular function, digestion, and respiration

Wheat grass is not only great internally, but also has some great benefits outside of the body.  Wheat grass juice is a skin cleanser, and can be absorbed through the skin for nutrition.  It is known to cure acne and contribute to the removal of scars after regular use, as well as heal skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

I’m still not finished!  Regularly drinking wheat grass prevents gray hair, constipation, and dental problems.  It improves digestion, overall health, endurance, and spirituality.  You can gargle wheat grass to help rid of a sore throat, tooth ache, or bad breath.  Last but not least, to all of you Gluten Free dieters, wheat grass is in fact Gluten Free!  Ladies and gentlemen, if there is a ‘drink of the gods’, this is it!  I suggest everyone go out and get juiced! Wheat grass juiced that is.

Don’t have access to wheat grass, or don’t like the taste of wheat grass?  Julian Bakery sells a great super nutrient greens formula by Quantum that includes wheat grass concentrate in its list of great ingredients.  If you don’t like the idea of downing wheat grass juice, this Quantum-RX Greens Mix is just for you!   Written By: Ricky C.



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