Veggylicious Scrambled Paleo Wrap

Bring on the veggies!!!  Along with pasture raised organic eggs, this meal starts off with a triple-threat of super healthy vegetables…  And we’ll enjoy it in a coconutty Paleo Wrap!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you the “Veggylicious Scrambled Paleo Wrap”. 

Vegetables should be the main attraction on our plates, and this meal represents that perfectly.  I’m starting things off by slicing and dicing some fresh onion, some amazing Shitake mushrooms, and some green zucchini.  Keeping things Paleo, I decide to sauté these delicious veggies in some pourable and non-GMO garlic Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil.  It eliminates the mess, the fuss, and also tastes great! 

Once sautéed, I crack, crack, crack in my scrumptious organic eggs, season everything up with some ground black pepper and a few dashes of Quantum Nutrition Labs – Quantum Pink Salt.  It’s a savory blend of two pure salts, without any added fillers, flowing or “anti-clumping” agents, while being very beneficial for your health.

[youtube id=Ygv0wct3y9c]




Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Makes: 1 – 2 wraps

Once this was cooked to perfection, I put this heavenly mixture in my doubled up Paleo Wrap from Julian BakeryPaleo Wraps are strong to begin with, but I happen to love the extra coconutty taste, and the extra strength.  This is a hefty meal, while still being low in carbs, sugar, and junk free!  But it still weighs a good amount!  It’s a meal that will fill you up, satisfy those hunger cravings, and keep you going strong! 


If this wrap is something you can hang with, then take a trip to and get your Paleo products today!  While you are there, check out their Paleo Macaroons, they are one of the freshest tasting macaroons on the planet, and have only 2 net carbs!  Thanks for spending a few and checking out this low-carb Paleo Wrap recipe!



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