Tuna Salad Paleo Wrap

Yes, even salads go great in Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Tuna Salad Paleo Wrap”.  After yet another Farmer’s Market extravaganza this morning, for the freshest of ingredients….  And with that came some beautiful escarole, which made me crave a salad pretty badly!  So, how does one turn this escarole into something scrumptious, healthy, filled with lots of good stuff to keep me supercharged for the next seven hours, and still keep it Paleo?  Well, I need some healthy protein, something with good fats in it and organic…. I reach for a can of Wild Planet tuna, with a BPA free and wild caught fish, it’s perfect.  I add in some sliced Greek olives and avocado, which equates to more satiating and healthy fats with boatloads of nutrition.  One of my favorite add-ins would be some sauerkraut; which adds a bunch of healthy probiotics, along with vitamins A and C, as well as phytonutrient antioxidants. 

To season this healthy beast, I grab some Paleo Powder, an awesome blend of spices and salt which is gluten and MSG-free, available to you at Julian Bakery.  A little Paleo Mayo from the 500 Paleo Recipes Cookbook, one of our Go To sources for great Paleo recipes!!  And finally we season with a little more Quantum Pink Salt and black pepper. 


[youtube id=g7Fwpe-bNhc]


1)      In a medium sized bowl, add all ingredients together, mix well, and place into Paleo Wrap.

Last step; add all of this Paleo goodness into the best wrap on the market…. A Paleo Wrap!  Can you tell I like these wraps, just a little bit?  Oh yeah…..  What’s not to like?  Unless you want GMO’s, gluten, grains, soy, cause you aren’t gonna get any of those in a Paleo Wrap!  And its dairy free, organic, and made with some of the healthiest stuff on earth – coconut!  They are strong, durable, portable, and versatile in the kitchen.  How so?  You can eat them as is, you can lightly toast them in a toaster oven, you can fry them up a little in some coconut oil, the possibilities are almost endless….  How do you like your Paleo Wrap?

Yet another incredible meal, in a Paleo Wrap, with gobs of health, nutrients, flavor, and kept low carb. Trying to stay in ketosis?  This is right up your alley!  I’m about to measure my ketones, cause I am feeling that burn, that energy cycling through my body, and it’s partially due to Julian Bakery’s organic and low carb Paleo products!  Thanks for checking out this Paleo food blog, and make sure you visit www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for the best of the best Paleo items on the market!



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