Top 10 Weight Loss and Muscle Building Supplements

If you’re looking to get to the next level of weight loss and muscle building, I have compiled this great list of supplements just for you!  I have also been working on trimming down body fat and building lean muscle, so I am right there with you.  Most of these products I have tried personally and am a walking testimonial that they work.  The ones I haven’t tried, I certainly plan on ordering in the near future.  OK, let’s dive into my favorite supplements:

 RAW Organic Vitamins

Everyone needs to be on some type of Multivitamin!  Supplementing your diet with a multiV keeps your body running smoothly.  I’m not going to get into how great vitamins are for you, but I will get into how great these RAW organic vitamins are.  The individual cultivation of each vitamin produces the equivalent of getting the nutrients directly from a plant source.  This process makes RAW Organic Vitamins more bio-available for your body to absorb, maximizing the power of the vitamins.  Laboratory synthesized vitamins aren’t nearly as bioavailable, which means a lot of the vitamins in your daily pill are excreted instead of digested and utilized.  With RAW Organic Vitamins, you are guaranteed to absorb more vitamins and experience their synergistic effects.   

Nano Green Tea Drops – Green Tea on ‘Steroids’

If you’re not drinking green tea every day, you’re not doing your body a favor.  If you ask me, green tea is essential to everyone’s diet.  The reason I love green tea is that it plays a huge role in fat reduction and weight loss.  Green tea: 

  • Acts as a diuretic, removing excess water weight and reducing inflammation
  • Slows the digestion of carbohydrates, preventing blood-insulin spikes, in result influencing your body to burn fat
  • Reduces ‘evil’ estrogen, a key method of keeping off unwanted fat storage, building more muscle, and burning more calories

A great way to expedite the benefits of green tea is Quantum Nutrition’s Nano Green Tea Drops.  The technology behind this is amazing!  Quantum Labs predigests grade 10 green tea leaves into tiny particles that are super bio-available for your body to digest. 

 OxyELITE Pro – Burn Fat Throughout the Day

Other than Julian Bread, I have never seen so many positive product reviews in my life!  OxyELITE Pro has a little bit of caffeine and contains many herbs & plants that specifically focus on turning your fat into energy.  Many of the herbal ingredients in OEP have been safely used in foods for centuries, so you know it’s safe. I can personally attest that OEP will cause fat loss, decrease in appetite, and an increase in energy and focus.  With OxyELITE Pro, you won’t need a pre-work out drink to give you energy, this stuff increases the intensity of your workout on its own!  

Muscle Power Boost

Muscle Power Boost from Quantum is exactly the product you’ve been looking for!  Muscle Power Boost is a natural source of creatine and is free of chemical binders, fillers or other toxic additives. This is not the same creatine that you gained a ton of water weight on, and then lost the mass as soon as you came off it.  One heaping teaspoon of Premier Muscle Power Boost is equiva­lent to the amount of creatine found in 2.2 pounds of uncooked red meat. This natural form of creatine is utilized to maintain higher levels of ATP during exercise.   

Quantum Whey Protein Powder – Daily, Near-Perfect Protein 

Whey protein is single-handedly the best way to gain pure, organic muscle mass.  Whey protein is not something new.  What is new is Quantum Nutrition Lab’s completely nontoxic processing method. Quantum uses only grass-fed cow whey and ion exchange technology that utilizes extremely low heat to leave the whey’s broad array of healing protein molecules intact.  Quantum’s low heat process guarantees 25% more vital glycomacropeptides than other, toxic high heated whey products.  Glycomacropeptides are what contribute to the
rapid tissue repair and muscle building you want after your workouts.  Don’t mess around with other whey proteins; go for quality with Quantum Nutrition Whey Protein!

 Anabolic Pump

When you workout hard, your body is burning off muscle carbohydrate stores and protein structures. Your body tends to breakdown your old, weaker muscle tissues to then rebuild better, stronger fibers with the nutrients you take in. During this muscle rebuilding process, which occurs for the hour immediately after a work out, GLUT 4 is activated by your muscle to re-supply itself with protein.  Anabolic pump has been created by USP Labs to help you take advantage of this time period by increasing the activation levels of the valuable protein transport hormone GLUT4.  Anabolic pump will maximize the results you see from your post workout protein intake, and pairs perfectly with Quantum
Whey Protein Powder

 Amino hGH

This great product, also made by Premier Research Labs, allows you to digest ‘live-source’ amino acid isolates that supply your body the components it needs to naturally create hGH.  If you’re someone who is active and exercises consistently, a product like this can provide a great benefit to muscle building, strength, and development, with no real concerns for side effects.  Amino hGH simply gives your body the option to create hGH in times of need such as after a work out, or as you age. 


Synergistically, these products work well together to help you burn fat and acquire muscle mass.  Each of these products works great individually, but by stacking the supplements together you could really expedite achieving the results you want.  Most of the products I have named can be found on the Julian Bakery Online Store.  We also have a number of other great products for achieving other types of results such as anti-aging, wellness, and energy supply.  Check out today for the highest quality supplements available.


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