Tomato Spinach & Egg Paleo Wrap Recipe

Each and every morning I look forward to sitting down with a fresh, organic meal to start my day.  And today is no exception!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Tomato Spinach & Egg Paleo Wrap”.  After restocking the fridge yesterday, the choices are limitless…  I’m in the mood for eggs, and if you’ve seen my meals before you know that I include veggies as much as possible with my healthy fats and proteins.  And there’s no better way to enjoy all of that but other than a super duper Paleo Wrap from Julian Bakery!

Made from organic coconut, that’s it!!  Paleo Wraps are my go to method to enjoy just about anything.  And with only four net carbs, I’m able to keep my carb intake low, allowing my body to burn fat that much easier.  Typically at the end of my day I’m consuming less than a hundred carbs total, this is where I start feeling good.  And sometimes I’m eating less than fifty, this is where I’m feeling like a machine….  When I start doing intense workouts, I’ll start adding in some healthy carbs, like sweet potatoes….   Meanwhile, with sugar kept to a minimum, no processed foods, lots of healthy fats, tons of veggies, and the best proteins I can source, I am a happy camper.  Speaking of sugars, Paleo Wraps only have four grams of sugar per wrap!

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  1. Cook eggs in coconut oil to your liking.

  2. Add baby spinach to pan, you can keep separate or mix into the eggs, your choice.

  3. Season with salt and pepper.

  4. Add to Paleo Wrap, and top with fresh tomato slices, and fermented ginger carrots.

As you can see, I’m lovin’ my veggies today…. Fresh baby spinach, organic tomato slices, and tasty shredded ginger carrots.  Plus, with that lovely garlic essence from the organic and pourable Nuco Liquid Premium coconut oil this entire meal is that much better!  Seasoned up with some fresh ground black pepper, and one of my favorite salts ever; Quantum Nutrition Labs – Quantum Pink Salt!  It’s a blend of two unrefined salts; pure Mediterranean sea salt and pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt which supply critical trace elements.  

All of this sounds delicious, right?  Wait until you try it with that hint of coconut from the Paleo Wrap.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy just about any meal, and this one is no exception.  Eight net carbs for the entire meal….. That’s how it’s done!  While supplying twenty grams of protein, just eight grams of sugar, and four hundred and twenty-one calories.  Plus, it’s the best wrap you can find without GMO’s, gluten, grains, soy, dairy, or even salt!

Fresh food, minimal carbs, and a boat-load of nutrition, that’s what this one is all about.  And I can’t leave out great taste!!!  Cause it was certainly in there….  If these are things that interest you, and I’m sure they are, then go to to order up your Paleo Wraps and all the other Paleo goodies too!  And if you want some of the finest, GMO-free chocolate, give Paleo Chocolate a try!



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