Tomato Onion & Herb Frittata over Paleo Bread

You gotta gotta gotta try this awesome Paleo Bread Frittata! This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Tomato Onion & Herb Frittata over Paleo Bread.”  Everyone loves fresh produce; well everyone should love fresh produce!  I know not everyone is a veggie fan, but not only do they seriously enhance your breakfasts, they also give you lots of nutrients that our bodies are craving.  

This morning I cut up some grape tomatoes, red onion, parsley and cilantro, and teamed them up with my organic eggs from the farm.  I couldn’t wait to try this delicious combination, and put it over some almond Paleo Bread.  Why Paleo Bread?  Because it not only allows me to keep things low carb, but calories are low too (for those of you who are counting or just trying to moderate your food intake), it has fiber to keep you full while those cal’s are low too…. And, most importantly for me (since I have some auto-immune issues that need to be kept to a minimum with a clean diet), Paleo Bread is made GMO-free, organic, soy and gluten free, and with all that said it also tastes great!  The latest almond Paleo Bread was slightly modified, and now has a softer texture and even better taste!



  1. Heat coconut oil in cast-iron pan

  2. Cook tomatoes and red onions till soft

  3. Add in eggs, parsley and cilantro

  4. Mix it all together, and cover pan, allowing it to cook to your liking.

  5. Just prior to being done, add slivered garlic.

  6. Season with salt and pepper.

  7. Toast Paleo Bread in toaster oven.

  8. Top Paleo Bread with eggs, and add sliced avocado on top.


1 Delicious meal!!

Cook Time:

10 minutes

Prep Time:

5 minutes

A little garlic goes a long way….. Two sources of garlic really makes things come alive, giving you a bunch of anti-inflammatory properties to keep you healthy and recover quicker from those brutal (or even the not-so-brutal) workouts.  Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil uses natural garlic in their non-GMO/Organic coconut oils; and the same applies for their Lemon-Herb!  Plus it’s pourable, leaving you without coconut oil on your countertop for your wife to yell at you over…  Take it from someone that knows!

This frittata was oh-so-wonderful, with lots of veggies and fruits to wake you right up… And with three whole eggs, lots of healthy fats, and a good amount of protein and fiber too, it’ll fill you right up as well.  Thanks to Paleo Bread we got our fiber, we got bread again, and we DIDN’T get any aches and pains, or headaches which traditional bread would have given me.  

So make sure you stock up on your Paleo Bread, keep it in the freezer like I do…. It toasts up the same way, just takes a couple minutes longer.  And it lasts way longer in the freezer too!  But once you get hooked like I did, seeing how much better you look, feel and perform without those “other” breads, your Paleo Bread will be a hot commodity and it’ll be gone, gone, gone.  So buy them up now and load up that freezer by going to  I hope you liked seeing this awesome breakfast come together, and please visit us again soon!  Thanks for stopping by!




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