Toasted Egg Fiesta Paleo Wrap (Ketogenic)

Isn’t it funny how normal day to day activities can guide the decisions you make?  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Toasted Egg Fiesta Paleo Wrap”.  After stopping off at a local Mexican restaurant that we used to frequent years ago (when I was overweight and headed in the wrong direction!), memories of burritos and chimichangas came to mind.  Don’t worry; this time was just to meet a friend to pick up my daughter, not to fall off the wagon with bad food choices!  But that simple reminder of how I used to eat fried burritos guided me into toasting a healthy Paleo Wrap this morning.

This wonderful Paleo Wrap begins with some Garlic Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil in my frying pan with a couple eggs, and seasoned with a touch of Quantum Pink Salt.  If you are already saying “Wait, you said healthy, you’ve got coconut oil, eggs, and salt right off the bat!”  But of course!  Coconut oil is loaded with MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which helps feed and nourish the brain and the body, and helps promote ketone production when trying to go low carb.  And it’ resistant to oxidation, especially when compared to something inflammatory like canola.  Eggs are uber healthy, packed with protein, loaded with wonderful omega fatty acids, lutein, and so much more.  And when they are from the farm, from humanely raised sources, they are a super-food!  And salt, well we do need salt…  When you eat a diet that is free of processed foods, you should use some quality salts.  No table salt here, Quantum Pink Salt is a blend of two terrific sea salts that give you a bunch of trace minerals and no chemicals or anti-clumping agents like other salts may contain.

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  1. Whisk eggs, then cook in pan with Garlic Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil.  Season with salt & pepper.
  2. Remove eggs from pan when done and place in a Paleo Wrap.  Top with fresh salsa and avocado slices, and wrap by folding bottom corners in and the side over.
  3. Now, place in toaster oven at 200 F for about 10 minutes, watching to make sure it doesn’t get too toasty.  For a crispier finish, try a slightly higher heat.
  4. Carefully remove, plate, and enjoy!

Prep Time:  3 min

Cook Time:  15 min

Serves: 1


Next up, we’ve added fresh salsa and avocados, a few of my favorite toppings!  This combo will bring a zing to your taste buds, but keep in mind if you have auto-immune issues, tomatoes and peppers could trigger a response as they are nightshade vegetables.  Personally I do well with most fresh/raw nightshades, but if I juice them or cook them I tend to get acid reflux and/or joint pain.  Knowing your body and how it responds is key and is also part of the Paleo journey…. Finally we wrap this deal up, and put it in our toaster oven to crisp up.  Keep in mind if you use two eggs along with the condiments, the wrap will be tight.  I removed (and ate) about half an egg at this point.  When it comes to toasting the Paleo Wrap, I didn’t want to go overboard as I try not to eat much burnt stuff to keep free radicals and inflammation to a minimum… But when I saw mine lightly browning, I was happy as a clam.  If you wish to toast yours even further, go for it!

When this was on my plate, I couldn’t wait to dig in and enjoy this little guy!  And knowing that it was low in carbs, free from any processed junk, and GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free made it even better.  I try to eat real food whenever possible, low in carbs, with a very low sugar count, so I can feel good and keep inflammation to a minimum.  Now you can see why I include many products from  I love their selection, the quality, and the taste of just about everything they offer!

So make sure you check them out online or in the San Diego area.  Thanks for stopping by to check out this tasty, low carb meal, and please stop by again for more delicious recipes using quality items from Julian Bakery!

Dan & Rachel


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