The Incredible Benefits of Organic Sacha Inchi Protein

The protein from this seed from the highlands of Peru is perfect for anyone looking to build a lean, strong, and healthy body. According to the history books, the Amazon rainforest-based sacha inchi seed has been cultivated for thousands of years. When roasted, the seeds take on a delicious nutty flavor and, despite being a relatively new discovery in the U.S., they have fast become a go-to addition to popular nutrition products, like our Pegan® Protein Powder Sacha Inchi Seed Protein and Paleo Protein Bars.

We include the “Inca Peanut” in many of our products because they come with a host of benefits and support paleo, vegan and pegan lifestyles. Here, we’ve compiled a list of scientifically proven reasons why this powerful protein should be a regular part of your healthy diet.

Muscle Growth and Health

The seeds are rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and fiber making them a healthy, nutrient-dense source of plant-based protein. They pack a whopping 8.5 grams of protein per ounce; the peanut, by comparison, contains 7 grams per ounce. This, in combination with its complete amino acid profile and the fact that it’s easily digestible1 means that it’s simple on the system, highly bioavailable, and ideal for muscle regeneration.

Weight Loss

It’s well known that diets that are high in fiber promote weight loss2. Part of the reason fiber is helpful for weight loss and management is that the nutrient has been shown to work as an appetite suppressant. And when you take in fewer calories, there’s greater potential to go into a calorie deficit, which forces the body to use fat for fuel. As added bonuses, fiber has been linked with improved bowel movements, reduced cholesterol levels, and helps control blood sugar levels.

Our sacha inchi products are high in fiber—one scoop of Pegan Protein Powder Vanilla Cinnamon Twist contains 5 grams.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

An individual with a low response to insulin has difficulty managing blood glucose levels. This means that the body isn’t able to metabolize glucose effectively and can lead to health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, according to research3 from Colombia, the addition of sacha inchi to a breakfast high in saturated fat improved insulin resistance in subjects who tended to experience heightened glycemic index responses after fatty meal consumption.

Boosts Brain Health

Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) is an essential fatty acid that cannot be produced by the human body. It’s widely considered to be helpful to protect against cardiovascular and neurological disorders. In a study published in BioMed Research Inernational4, researchers from the US, Saudia Arabia, and France found that ALA administration may also offer protection against stroke based on its ability to widen brain arteries for better blood flow. They also saw improvements in neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability to form new neural connections. After rigorous study5, scientists from Santiago, Chile, recommend sacha inchi as a rich source of ALA.

Phytochemicals and Antioxidants

Phytochemicals and antioxidants have been the source of intense study for their abilities to promote improved health and ward off potentially deadly diseases. That study suggests antioxidants as important in preventing cell damage from free radicals. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research6, phytochemicals have been shown to improve a cancer cell’s tendency to self-destruct, obstruct carcinogens from creating cancer cells, fight inflammation and more. Scientists out of Lima, Peru, have discovered sacha inchi to be a great source of phytochemicals7.

Promotes and Supports the Pegan Lifestyle

Finding a source high in fatty acids and protein has been somewhat difficult for those looking to follow a vegan and paleo—aka pegan—type of diet. Sacha inchi seeds make that process a lot easier based on the fact that they contain both protein and fatty acids. Plus, our sachi inchi pegan bars, and powders contain very few carbs and have no added sugar so you don’t have to worry about disturbances to your glucose levels.

Great Source of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium

The primary minerals present in the seeds are potassium, magnesium, and calcium8. Here’s a brief rundown of the benefits of each:

* Potassium. A diet rich in potassium—the daily minimum amount necessary to support important functions is 100 milligrams, however experts recommend consumption of 4,700 per day—reduces mortality risk by 20%. Potassium reduces stroke risk, lowers blood pressure, prevents muscle loss, protects bone mineral density, and inhibits kidney stone development8.

* Magnesium. The human body needs at least 100 milligrams of magnesium intake per day to support its wide-ranging health benefits. Some of those benefits include migraine headache prevention, better heart health, lowered type 2 diabetes risk, premenstrual symptom relief, anxiety management, and enhanced bone health9.

* Calcium. Calcium is essential for strong bones. The daily recommended amount for adults is 1,000 to 2,500 milligrams. Calcium deficiency can result in weakened bones and a greater potential for developing bone disorders like osteoporosis. Vegans and pegans are especially at risk for weak bones because the most common sources of calcium are found in animal-based food products. Fortunately, sacha inchi seeds are an alternative option10.

Better Cholesterol

An important component to any healthy and fit life is appropriate cholesterol levels. Total cholesterol levels should be kept below 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). LDL cholesterol should be no higher than 100 mg/dl and 60 mg/dl for HDL cholesterol11. Falling outside those ranges places you at increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

According to another study from Lima, sacha inchi consumption can help manage cholesterol levels. After 4 months of supplementation, subjects saw reductions in LDL and increases in HDL cholesterol levels12.

A Final Word

Incorporating products that feature sacha inchi seeds has a host of benefits from weight loss and muscle growth to protection against neurological degeneration, cancer development, and cardiovascular disorders. And because of its significant amino acid profile and protein count, it’s a perfect plant-based option for those who follow a vegan or pegan lifestyle.

By: Heath Squier : CEO : Julian Bakery



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