The Elvis Paleo Sandwich Recipe

Elvis really had a good thing goin’ on when it came to his taste in sandwiches!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”The Elvis Paleo Sandwich”.  I heard about Elvis’ favorite sandwich a couple years ago and thought it sounded gross…. Bacon, with banana and peanut butter?  Come on…. But thankfully I have an open mind, and tried it.  That opened up a whole new world to me, a world where sweet and salty come together harmoniously.  Now that I eat Paleo, I had to adjust my food accordingly, and this is how it’s done kids….

We start off with a simple switch to healthy, using Paleo Bread!  It’s GMO and gluten free, and it has protein and fiber to keep you satiated.  Oh, and it’s low in carbs and calories as well!!!  And because it’s made with either almond or coconut, it is healthy and tasty!  This meal comes together with the almond Paleo Bread, which I think worked out perfectly in the end.  After being tortured by waiting a full hour to slow-cook my nitrate free organic bacon, coated with cinnamon for a deeper level of sweetness, I started to assemble this hound-dog.



1)      Cook bacon to your liking

2)      Toast Paleo Bread

3)      Spread honey on one slice and Paleo MeeNut Butter on the other slice

4)      Add banana slices and bacon slices

5)      Merge slices of Paleo Bread

6)      Dig in!

PREP TIME:  3 Minutes

COOK TIME:  60 Minutes (unless you cook bacon quicker)

The  Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Organic Honey adds a nice touch, plus it’s a honey that I can trust to be clean, organic and exactly what I asked for.  They’ve been certified for years, and you can order it up at Julian Bakery with all of your other Paleo items.  Did I ever have a doubt that this wouldn’t come out phenomenal without peanut butter?  Nope….  Because Paleo MeeNut Butter blows peanut butter out of the water.  It is peanut and sugar free, made with healthy nuts, sea salt and coconut oil, and tastes incredible!!!!!  My daughter loves it, my wife loves it, I love it, and I’m sure Elvis would have too!  And since this is all about Paleo, no beans in my Elvis sandwich, thank you, thank you very much.

In the end, the Elvis Paleo Sandwich made my morning… It had that creamy, nutty taste, with a sweet honey aroma, combined with a nice light almond crunch… Oh, and BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That sweet and salty bacon just makes everything better.  So make sure you go to to order up these fine products that I used to make one of the tastiest treats you can come up with.  I hope you enjoyed my food blog, and as you can tell I certainly did!!!!  Thanks for checkin’ us out!!!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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