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Top 6 Ways to Reach Your Goals on the Paleo Diet

 (Top 6 Ways to Reach Your Goals on the Paleo Diet)  Lose Weight Like a Caveman  Want to lose weight? Then eat like your caveman ancestors and become part of the burgeoning “Paleo” (Paleolithic) diet and “Primal” lifestyle movements.  Since our organs of digestion have not evolved as rapidly as modern agricultural and food processing […]

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Primal Turkey & Ham Sandwich on Paleo Bread™

 Paleo Nate is back with another quick and easy dinner idea. This one’s called the Primal Turkey and Ham Sandwich on Paleo Bread™. I did use the Coconut variety for this one. I know, I know, another sandwich idea. Well, yes, you are right. I warned you that I loved them. So once again this […]

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