Paleo Noodles

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Curry Paleo Noodles and Fish Recipe

This is Gary the Primal Guy the author of the Primal Power Method: Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Health and Primal Power Method Meal Guide. Most people who begin the conversion into the Primal/Paleo lifestyle usually struggle trying to remove pasta from their diet. Julian Bakery makes a great product called Miracle Noodles that is practically carb free. […]

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Paleo Noodles alla Carbonara

Ask any Italian if they’d ever put a pasta dish into a wrap and they’d give you the evil eye…  This is Dan from Primal4Life, bringing you “Paleo Noodles alla Carbonara”, and I’m enjoying it in the ever so wonderful Paleo Wrap!  Rachel discovered this lovely recipe in the Beyond Bacon cookbook, and we decided […]


Paleo Noodles™ By Julian Bakery

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Paleo Noodles with tuna and olives.”  Yet another special feature blog, with a brand new item from Julian Bakery!  Here we have Paleo Noodles, made from coconut flour and Konjac root.  Konjac root is new to me, but using the power of Google I searched it up, discovered […]

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Paleo -Gluten Free Zero Carb Miracle Noodles™ w/Meatballs

 I wanted to share with you my latest dinner idea called Paleo Zero Carb Miracle Noodles™ with Paleo Italian Meatballs. These noodles are growing on me. At first, I’ll be honest, they scared me. They smell like fish in the package and are kinda slimy but let me tell ya, they are scrumptious. They absorb […]

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