Net Carb Zero Bread

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Zero Carb Fettuccini &Chicken w/ Net Carb Zero Toast

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Fettuccini Spinach and Chicken with Carb Zero Toast.” This morning I decided to have a little feast, starting my day off right! So in my frying pan, I used a little unrefined coconut oil, and then added my chicken and spinach. A little salt and pepper work their […]

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Spinach Garlic Onion Egg Strata Recipe

Alrighteee then! Tired of scrambled eggs and toast every morning? Sleeping in on the weekend and want to make the breakfast of champions? Look no further. This easy to make concoction is sure to please and is bachelor proof for sure. I know cause I make it all the time. I have tried a few […]

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