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Julian Bakery Egg Red Onion & Tomato Paleo Bread Sandwich

Eating a remarkable Julian Bakery Paleo meal like this doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it require that much time in the kitchen… And I’m gonna show you how!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you Julian Bakery’s “Egg Red Onion & Tomato Paleo Bread Sandwich”.  A lot of folks assume […]

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Exogenous Ketones Research By Julian Bakery

In recent years, ketones supplements—like our Julian Bakery InstaKetones—have gained significant attention primarily as a means to fast-track ketosis and, ultimately, fat loss. The wonder supplement has been shown to speed up the body’s ability to become ketogenic, which is an attractive notion considering the traditional, non-supplement path can require several grueling days of carbohydrate […]

Exogenous Ketones

FAQ For Exogenous Ketones Named InstaKetones®

How often is it that we see a truly new product in the supplement industry? Most are simply rehashes of supplements we have all seen before. Julian Bakery’s InstaKetones which are known as exogenous ketones is a novel and innovative product born out of ketogenic research. InstaKetones is a source of exogenous ketones, which act as […]

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Understanding Micronutrients in the Keto Diet

When excluding particular foods, food categories, or macronutrient groups from the diet, the opportunity for deficiency to present itself increases. Therefore, it is no surprise that pushback against the ketogenic diet cites vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient deficiencies as a reason to think twice before restricting carbohydrate content in the diet. However, a close examination […]

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Julian Bakery™ Diet Lose Up To 2lbs+ Week!

Lose 2lbs per week with the Julian Bakery Plan Want to lose your love handles and finally see the muscles underneath? If so, you need to think lifestyle, not diet. The Julian Bakery plan can help you lose up to two pounds per week, healthily and easily. And it can help you maintain that weight […]

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Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wrap Enchiladas Recipe

And to think I wouldn’t enjoy a Mexican dish again.  Ha!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you Julian Bakery’s ”Paleo Wrap Enchiladas”.  Ever since a fellow Paleo enthusiast uploaded a photo of these delicious enchiladas, using Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps, my mind has been going crazy like Mexican jumping beans!  Today, Rachel, Ali and […]

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Mint Ground Venison Paleo Wrap (Keto / Low Carb / Gluten Free)

Mint, today’s herb of the day!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Mint Ground Venison Paleo Wrap”.  As I’m pulling weeds in my flower bed this morning, getting some fresh air, barefooted and earthing/grounding, I notice my mint growing wild and out of control.  That sparked a great breakfast combination!  Fresh mint has […]

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Big-O-Bacon Burgers on Paleo Bread

I’m always in the mood for bacon!!!  Umm, who isn’t?  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Big-O-Bacon Burgers on Paleo Bread”.  With crispy nitrate-free bacon, savory mushrooms, and quality grass-fed ground beef, topped with both versions of Paleo Bread, I’m lovin’ life tonight!!!!!  We opened up Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans and spotted […]

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Toasted Egg Fiesta Paleo Wrap (Ketogenic)

Isn’t it funny how normal day to day activities can guide the decisions you make?  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Toasted Egg Fiesta Paleo Wrap”.  After stopping off at a local Mexican restaurant that we used to frequent years ago (when I was overweight and headed in the wrong direction!), memories of […]

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Well Fed BBQ Pork & Veggie Paleo Wrap Recipe

Who doesn’t love a great BBQ sauce, especially one that’s freshly made out of your own kitchen using real ingredients!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you the “Well Fed BBQ Pork & Veggie Paleo Wrap”.  Condiments are something most people overlook when eating right….  And I’m talking about just about any type of diet, […]

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