Sweet Asparagus Soup With Paleo Bread

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Sweet Asparagus Soup.”  Today’s lunch started off as an asparagus soup, but since I can sometimes be indecisive, I started adding to it…. Well sometimes that randomness can be a good thing and pay off, sometimes not so much….  But today was a good day!  I decided to add a little sweetness to my soup, consisting of a large carrot and a red apple.  As long as it’s a healthy “sweet”, I’m cool with it since that is the goal here… and that’s why we use Julian Bakery products, like their Paleo Bread which is all natural, GMO and gluten free, low in carbs and calories, and tastes great!  I decided to include a slice of the lovely almond Paleo Bread, with a little olive oil, garlic powder, and black pepper as a side treat to my soup.  So let’s get back to the soup and how it was made, shall we?

In a large pot, I put some coconut oil in to melt… Once melted, I added the asparagus, apple, and carrot… After about ten minutes of sautéing, I added some bone broth which was derived from the cookbook Make it Paleo and then kept in the freezer in small batches.  They have a great recipe that brings you a boatload of nutrients, and is simple to make.  Once melted, I added this entire concoction to my blender along with a nice chunk of fresh ginger and a little sea salt and black pepper, and set it on HIGH.  After a short while, the soup was done, the toaster oven was beeping to tell me that my almond Paleo Bread was finished toasting up, and I was ready to see how my soup turned out.  Trust me, I was nervous, cause you never know….. But in the end, it had a nice savory taste, but on the sweet side.  I was very pleased, and I ended up dunking my almond Paleo Bread into the soup and really enjoying that. 


• 1 slice almond Paleo Bread 

• 1.5 cups asparagus

• 1 teaspoon coconut oil

• 1 large carrot

• 1 red apple

• 1 chunk ginger

• 1 cup bone broth

• Sea salt and pepper to taste

• garlic powder to sprinkle on Paleo Bread

• 1 tsp olive oil


1)      Melt coconut oil in pan.

2)      Add asparagus, carrot and apple.

3)      Sautee for about ten minutes, then add bone broth.

4)      Add all items in pan to blender, and add salt, pepper, and ginger.

5)      Blend well.

6)      Toast Paleo Bread in toaster oven.

7)      Add olive oil, garlic powder, and black pepper to Paleo Bread

8)      Serve, and garnish soup if you prefer.

Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 15 minutes


• 2

Overall, this was a lovely soup with a great side to dip into…. If you wanted more protein than what the Paleo Bread and bone broth include, you could easily add in some chicken or beef and it would go great with the dish.  I’m glad that we found the bone broth recipe in the Make it Paleo cookbook, as that has allowed me to get the healing power of a bone broth right out of our freezer!  And combined with all natural foods, ingredients and Paleo Bread, I am on my way to a super healthy lifestyle!

Make sure you give Julian Bakery’s website a once over, or twice actually… They have a good selection in their Paleo section at www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for you to choose all sorts of healthy and tasty goodie…. Ranging from cookbooks, to condiments, to their lovely Paleo Bread.  And know that their shipping process is prompt and their ordering is secure!

Thanks for checking out this food blog, I hope you enjoy it if you decide to make it… And if you do, please let me know!  Take care!

Dan From Primal4Life 

Paleo Bread By Julian Bakery

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