Spinach & Crème Fraiche Scrambled Paleo Wrap

Who doesn’t like light, fluffy, and tasty scrambled eggs???  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Spinach & Crème Fraiche Scrambled Paleo Wrap.”  Since I’m an enthusiast of trying different things, I had the lovely idea of adding some organic crème fraiche to my scrambled eggs this morning.  While shopping at WholeFoods the other day, I ran into an organic crème fraiche, free of hormones and made in Vermont.  Since I dabble with quality dairy, like raw organic cheeses, and even Paleo Butter, this fits right into my Primal routine!

After trying the crème fraiche on its own, and in a few meals, I figured it would be quite nice with my scrambled eggs.  Starting with a cast iron skillet, I add some Original Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil.  Why?  Because it’s organic, free of GMO’s, and pourable as well…  How convenient is that?!?!  You can get all three flavors right from Julian Bakery, along with your Paleo Bread and Paleo Chocolate! Once heated, I add in some veggies, you gotta have veggies!!!  Paleo isn’t just bacon and steak, it’s about lots of in-season veggies too!  So I’m sautéing some fresh baby spinach…. Once cooked, I add in three locally raised chicken eggs, and start stirring!



  1. In a warm cast iron skillet, add Original Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil

  2. Add in spinach, and sauté until soft.

  3. Add eggs, and stir.

  4. When eggs are starting to firm up, add in crème fraiche.

  5. Keep stirring, to make your scrambled eggs, and season with salt & pepper.

  6. Add to a Paleo Wrap and top with shredded ginger carrots.

Prep Time: 1 minute

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Makes: 1 Paleo Wrap

[youtube id=C55wVBg0wtc]

Once you get those organic eggs starting to firm up, add in your organic crème fraiche, and this is where the magic happens.  The eggs become soft and creamy, not too sweet, just right…  I eventually season my eggs with some of that delicious and healthy Quantum Pink Salt and some black pepper.  And yes, I called this salt healthy!  Unlike traditional salt (sodium chloride with anti-caking additives), Quantum Pink Salt actually delivers.  It’s made of a blend of two premium, undyed, unheated, solar-dried sea salts: pure Mediterranean sea salt and pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt.  This combo of pure salts supply critical trace elements to our bodies.   Finally, I add this yummy Primal scramble to my Paleo Wrap, a phenomenal wrap that Julian Bakery puts out.  There are seven wraps per pack, they last up to nine months without needing to be in fridge, they are portable, strong, and tasty!  Plus, they only have seventy calories per wrap, they have some protein and fiber to help fill you up and give you that extra edge, and….. Each Paleo Wrap has just four net carbs!!!  I actually like to use two Paleo Wraps with my eggs, to give it that extra crispy coconut bite that I truly enjoy.  

Oh, one last step!!!  I top this Primal wrap with some shredded ginger carrots; another product that I found at WholeFoods, and commonly found in healthy food stores.  It’s packed with probiotics, and if you’ve been reading my blogs you will know that I’m big on gut health, probiotics, and overall well being through healing the stomach.  Fermented foods like this are crucial in allowing the gut to repopulate with good bacteria.  Prebiotics are also super helpful in feeding those good bacteria, and this is why you’ll see a lot of onions in my meals as well.  And when you realize that a lot of our health issues stem from an unhealthy gut, keeping your gut in tip-top shape becomes a priority.

In the end, I seriously enjoyed these eggs…. That crème fraiche did a terrific job in allowing our scrambled eggs to get nice and fluffy.  I also experienced no setbacks afterwards!  Coming from someone that is recovering from autoimmune issues and Leaky Gut Syndrome, that speaks volumes on the quality of this particular crème fraiche, as well as the lack of antibiotics and hormones in my eggs…. And, the quality of all of the Julian Bakery items that were used in this meal, as well as everything they offer!!  When I eat something with antibiotics, hormones, and other “bad” items, I get itchy and achy….. But sticking with Julian Bakery’s Paleo lineup – none of that happens!  It’s a brand that you (and I) can trust!

So check out www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for the Paleo products used today…. I enjoyed it, and I’m certain you and your family will as well!  Thanks for stopping by!!



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