Smoked Keto Kielbasa Paleo Wrap Recipe

Kielbasa is one of those meals that we used to enjoy on a regular basis, stopped, and recently started up again.  Guess what I realized?  It’s that much better in a Paleo Wrap!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Smoked Kielbasa Paleo Wrap”.  First things first, we need to establish the fact that we are sourcing an organic kielbasa, and the same applies for everything else that goes on our plates….  Ten years ago, we were definitely not buying organic, now we know…  We found one that is antibiotic free, humanely raised, and organic, and it’s pre-smoked too!  Along with that, I’m building this up with some sauerkraut (love my probiotics!), red onion, Paleo Rice enhanced with a Paleo Powder kick, mustard, and I’m topping mine with some raw Jack cheese….  That last one, totally optional if you want to go Primal.  If you do, make sure it’s quality, raw, and organic. 

All of this loveliness is going in a couple Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps!  Why?  Because nothing else compares….  No other wrap on the market has just 70 calories, only 4 net carbs, and is made with organic coconut…. And they don’t include GMO’s, grains, soy, gluten, starch, or added salt.  Plus they are flexible, strong, versatile, and they are literally my favorite way to “hold” my food.

[youtube id=hgr021GjPLk]




1)      Brown kielbasa in frying pan.

2)      Begin boiling water, rinse Paleo Rice and set aside.

3)      When kielbasa is almost complete, add in your onions to sauté.

4)      Boil Paleo Rice for just one minute, strain, then put back in pan without water and add in Paleo Powder.  Mix well….

5)      Lay out your Paleo Wraps, add kielbasa, onions, some Paleo Rice (you will have leftover Paleo Rice), top with sauerkraut, mustard, and a pinch of salt.


Prep Time:  2 min

Cook Time:  10 min

Serves: 1


Holy moly!!!!  This was absolutely dee-lish!  And I could so go for another one….  It was a perfect low-carb organic meal that got me revved up so my day could start off on the right foot.  Feel free to add, or subtract, to this meal; some avocado, some fresh tomato, the choices are endless!  But whatever you decide, keep it clean, keep it real, keep it organic… 

In order to make this delicious “Smoked Kielbasa Paleo Wrap”, make sure you are fully stocked with those awesome Paleo Wraps from !!  They have that one-stop-Paleo-shop where you can grab a bunch of caveman-approved items so that you can keep inflammation low, fill up with healthy stuff, and fuel yourself properly.  Thanks for taking a few to check out this healthy food blog using some of Julian Bakery’s finest, and please come back to check us out again soon!



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