Smart Carb™ Bread Low Carb High Protein Bread BLT Sandwich


2 slices of Smart Carb #1 Sandwich Bread

4 slices uncured natural turkey bacon (such as Applegate)

1 medium ripe tomato, sliced

2 organic heart of romaine lettuce leaves

1 tablespoons organic or paleo mayonnaise (or homemade), optional

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste


 Place turkey bacon in a non-stick skillet that has been lightly sprayed with olive oil; cook over medium-high heat, turning until bacon is browned and crispy on both sides. 

 Spread the Smart Carb #1 bread with the optional mayo, if desired.  Place several small romaine lettuce leaves on top of the bread; add the sliced tomato and season with freshly ground black pepper.  Top with bacon slices and the second slice of bread.  Yields:  1 low carb/high protein BLT sandwich with 56 total grams of protein.


 Smart Carb #1 bread is low in starches and carbs and an excellent choice for those following a variety of low carb eating plans and it tastes good too.   Each slice contains 3 net carbs and 0 grams of sugar.  Every slice of Smart Carb #1 bread also packs a whopping 16 grams of protein per slice, making it a total of 32 grams of protein for a 2-slice sandwich, and that doesn’t include what you actually put on your sandwich too. 

 This BLT sandwich uses 2 slices of Smart Carb #1 bread and provides a total of 56 grams of protein (32 grams protein for the bread and another 24 grams protein for the 4 slices of uncured turkey bacon).  The turkey bacon only has 1.5 grams of fat per slice (for a total of 6 grams of fat for 4 slices).  That makes this BLT not only low carb and high protein, but also low fat as well (not including any optional mayonnaise).  The tomatoes on the sandwich are packed with lycopene and are rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A medium sized tomato provides approximately 40% of your daily Vitamin C requirement and has numerous other health benefits as well, including reports that they help to boost the immune system. 

By: GGLuvsToCook

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