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Just because you eat Paleo, and I eat Primal doesn’t mean that we are getting everything we should… This is Dan from Primal4Life discussing Quantum Nutrition Labs “Quantum Coral Calcium Plus”.  I’ve been eating well for quite some time now; I try to vary things up to get a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from all types of fresh, real foods.  But even with some micronutrient testing, I’ve learned that sometimes supplementation is essential.  With Julian Bakery offering the Quantum Coral Calcium Plus, it was a breeze to add it to my cart while ordering up some more of those delicious and ultra healthy Paleo Wraps, and a breeze to boost up some of my micronutrient levels as well!

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Quantum Coral Calcium Plus has been in my routine for a couple weeks now, with no negative side-effects.  I liked how it promotes “Whole Body Mineral Support”, for your bones, joints, teeth, and an alkaline pH.  And since I was very impressed with Quantum Nutrition Labs Quantum Pink Salt, I wanted to see what this was all about.  “Excipient Free” is right on the label, like the salt, it’s made without any toxic fillers, glues, and none of those nasty binding agents.  So far, I haven’t experienced any major positive changes, except for enhanced sleep.  But I’ve been reading some reviews online and I’ve been extremely impressed!  I found lots and lots of excellent experiences; ranging from elimination of muscle cramps, a feeling of total body relaxation, and even aiding tremendously with osteoporosis.  I’m looking forward to noticing some positive changes in a few months while I am sleeping better, actually I’m quite anxious!

 Mineral Supplement

  • Whole Body Mineral Support, Including Bones, Joints, Teeth & an Alkaline pH
  • Legendary mineral support for the bones, joints, teeth and an optimal alkaline pH
  • Features quantum-state calcium and magnesium from Sango marine coral minerals with an impressive 2:1 ratio
  • Coupled with Immuno-TriBlend for optimal support
  • 100% solvent-free vegetable capsules. No toxic tablets, glues or fillers
  • The Q Effect , Excipient Free
  • Tests on to all 4 biofield polarities, thus delivering the “Quantum NutritionTM Effect”
  • Remarkable extracts to boost the immune system and extend life* Shown to increase RNA and DNA synthesis
  • Natural source of plant ergosterol (provitamin D)* Vitamin D is essential for utilization of calcium
  • Naturally contains potent immuno-stimulating fractions* Including beta-D-glucans, ganodermic acids and many active polysaccharides
  • Contains strong stimulators to boost nerve growth factor synthesis

2 Vegetable Capsules Contain:

Coral Immune™………………………………………………………1.4 g
Marine Coral, Noni (fruit) (Morinda cit.)
Immuno-TriBlend™…………………………………………………. 72 mg
Turkey Tails (mycelia, fruiting body, spore) (Coriolus versicolor), Lion’s Mane (fruiting body)
Extract (Hericium erinaceus), Reishi (fruiting body) Extract (Ganoderma lucidum)
Calcium (from coral minerals) …………………………………..288 mg
Magnesium (from coral minerals) ……………………………….132 mg

Let’s discuss each individual ingredient and their health benefits, shall we?  “Coral Immune™” is a blend of Marine Coral and Noni; Marine Coral being easily absorbed due to its high ionization, and loaded with calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and lots of trace minerals.  “This sourced coral calcium is taken from an island south of Japan, where the waters are clear and clean. The flow from the Fukuyama Plant disaster goes north. We test every lot for irradiation and various toxins.“ Noni has been known for alleviating joint pain, alleviating headaches, boosting your immune system, preventing absorption of LDL cholesterol, assisting in IBS, and it’s also antibacterial and antifungal.  Quantum Labs’ “Immuno-TriBlend™” has Turkey Tails (which actually is a fungi, or mushroom if you prefer), and targets certain cancers, helps regenerate damaged bone marrow, and strengthens the immune system.  Lion’s Mane Extract is the second part of the trio, which also is a mushroom, and quite the immune booster, assists in digestive issues, stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (and thus reducing Alzheimer’s), as well as regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  Reishi Extract, which also is a….. Mushroom!!  It also contains many, many health benefits, such as being an immune system booster, a cancer fighter, assists in Leaky-Gut, aids in sleep, acts as a natural antihistamine, and is as powerful as five milligrams of hydrocortisone.

Real Life Stories with Coral Minerals

Athletic Super Boost – All athletes want to enhance their training so they can delay the muscle burn from lactic acid buildup.  When the muscle burn comes on, the energy decays fast and their ability to perform drops.  One Triathlon coach gives the coral minerals to his trainees.  He says that it delays muscle burn and when it does come on, it is less intense.  It improves performance and endurance.  He feels that this is a revolutionary product for athletes internationally.

Degenerating Discs – A middle-aged woman had degenerating discs in her neck for over 10 years.  She had excruciating pain every day for which she had to take large doses of Motrin 3 or 4 times per day.  In the afternoon, she had to lie down for a few hours.  In 3 weeks on the coral minerals, she was able to discontinue her pain medication.  She feels she has a new life.

Painful Feet – A man in his mid 70’s had adult onset diabetes.  His toes became numb, his feet hurt and had sores that would not go away.  He had no feeling in his left foot for over a year.  After taking the coral minerals, his right foot began to itch and become warm, then the left foot began to do the same.  Gradually, his feet became warm so he did not have to sleep in heavy socks.  After 3 months on the coral minerals, his blood sugar levels became normal.  He found he no longer needed insulin injections.

Difficulty Walking – One woman had arthritis for over 20 years.  It became difficult for her to walk.  The pain got worse and worse until she could not work.  After only 2 weeks on the coral minerals, she felt less pain. Later, she could start shopping again and go places.  She praised the coral minerals that gave her a sense of well being again.

Low Back Pain – A very large body-builder was experiencing fatigue and low back pain. After taking his first dose of coral minerals, he felt the pain diminish. After a second dose a few minutes later, his back pain completely disappeared, much to his amazement.

Feeling Cold – One middle-aged lady with poor metabolism said she always had a tendency to feel cold.  She was amazed after her first drink of coral minerals, when a few minutes later, she felt her body turn pleasantly warm.  She sat by an open window all day, enjoying the cool breeze for the first time in years.  A few days later, still taking the coral minerals, she said she could feel her head and gums heat up for several hours, helping to clear a long-standing dental infection.

Osteoporotic Legs – One lady with osteoporosis for 12 years, had pain in her legs and could hardly walk. After 4 weeks on the coral minerals, she became pain-free. One day she spontaneously walked up the stairs, then realized that she was pain-free. She no longer takes medication. The grinding and popping sounds in her knees are gone.

High Blood Pressure – One older lady took medication for her high blood pressure.  She wanted to get off the medication because of its harmful side effects.  After taking the coral minerals, her blood pressure slowly lowered until it is now normal without medication.  She is thrilled.

Painful Knees – An avid tennis player could no longer play tennis because of excruciating pain in his knee due to osteoarthritis.  After taking the coral minerals for several months, he can now golf and play tennis again.

Stiff Back – One man is his 50’s had a stiff low back, related to impaired kidney function.  After taking coral minerals for a few days, he experienced great relief of his back stiffness.  Then he had a dramatic detoxification, with chills and fever, lasting one day, after which his low back stiffness was significantly relieved.  The right kidney which had been acting up, also became stronger in function.

Fibromyalgia – One female had fibromyalgia for over 5 years, with severe pain in her neck all the way to her low back.  After taking the coral minerals for almost a week, she was amazed to find the pain was completely relieved.  She no longer needs injections or painkillers.

As you can see, Quantum Coral Calcium Plus sports a ton of health benefits, a good amount of quality calcium, and some of the best magnesium around!  Try incorporating it into your routing and see if you notice any benefits…. Even if you don’t, know that it’s providing you with a lot of supporting nutrients, minerals, and one of my favorite micronutrients – magnesium.  Just about everyone is deficient in magnesium these days, due to our depleted soil…. And this is a great way to supplement!

So check out www.JulianBakery.com/Paleo for the Quantum Coral Calcium Plus, and pick up some of their Quantum Pink Salt as well.  Don’t forget to stock up on those Paleo Wraps, which are GMO-free, organic, and low in calories and carbs!



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