Primal Turkey & Ham Sandwich on Paleo Bread™

 Paleo Nate is back with another quick and easy dinner idea. This one’s called the Primal Turkey and Ham Sandwich on Paleo Bread. I did use the Coconut variety for this one. I know, I know, another sandwich idea. Well, yes, you are right. I warned you that I loved them. So once again this is Primal due to the cheese but I love my cheese as well. I also am testing whether the dairy affects me or not. So far I don’t seem to have any extra brain fog or any mucus development from eating it. I know, I could have left out the mucus comment but it does affect some people that way. If dairy does affect you, by all means, leave it off. Or you could find some lactose free cheese at your local grocer if you like. Either way, do what’s best for you and your body. Alright, let’s get down to business.


  • 2 slices of Coconut Paleo Bread, toasted
  • 2 slices of organic, nitrate-free Turkey breast
  • 2 slices of organic, nitrate-free Ham
  • 2 slices of grass fed organic jack cheese
  • Spread of Paleo Mayonnaise
  • 1 organic tomato, sliced
  • 1 leaf of organic Romaine lettuce
  • Fresh organic basil for sandwich & garnish
  • 5 large organic black olives, pitted


  1. Toast slices of Paleo Bread™ – Coconut variety and plate
  2. Spread Paleo Mayo on each slice of bread
  3. Place turkey, ham, tomato, lettuce, basil, and cheese on bread
  4. Place olives and basil on plate & grub!

 Prep Time:

  • 5 minutes

Cook Time:

  • 2 minutes to toast


    • 1 person

 That was tough, huh? Quick and painless but a great, low carb, gluten-free sandwich idea. If you haven’t tried this Paleo Bread, you sure are missing out. Remember, that you can search for this bread in your local neighborhood at Now go get healthy and stay there!

 By: Paleo Nate

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