Primal Spinach & Egg Goat Cheese Sandwich On Paleo Bread

Hello online health crusaders today we have an open faced spinach, egg and Goat Cheese sandwich made on Paleo Bread. This is Dan from Primal4Life once again!  Looking for an easy to make meal?  Looking for a nutrient dense dish without the fuss?  Well, with Julian Bakery Paleo Bread™  this one is as easy as pie.  Actually much easier than pie, to be quite honest.  This meal didn’t even require a toaster, just a griddle with olive oil and a spatula!  The ingredients were kept to a minimum as well.  Once slice of coconut Paleo Bread, one egg, a handful of spinach, some olive oil, and crumbled goat cheese, that’s it!! 

I fired up the griddle with some olive oil, and one slice of coconut Paleo Bread.  After the bread has been somewhat toasted, on went a handful of spinach with olive oil, allowing it to sauté.  Then, an egg began to fry next to the spinach and bread.  In the final stages of prepping this meal, I placed some crumbled goat-cheese on the lovely Paleo Bread, then the spinach, and topped with an egg.  A little salt and pepper for good measure, and this meal is made!


• 1 slice of Paleo Bread™ – Coconut

• Olive oil

• Handful of spinach

• 1/8th cup Goat Cheese Crumbles

• Salt and pepper


1)      Place bread on oiled griddle.

2)      After somewhat cooked, flip bread.

3)      Sauté spinach with olive oil.

4)      Cook egg (sunny side up).

5)      When toast is complete, add crumbled goat cheese, followed by spinach, then top with egg.

 Prep Time:

• 2 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1

 This was a small yet effective meal, not complex to make, but quite complex in taste.  The goat cheese and the egg yolk combined were perfect together.   The olive oil and spinach together were wonderful….  And the crunch of the coconut Paleo Bread was perfectly blended into the mix of the other soft ingredients.   Doing the math, this was a very nutritious meal, and also lacking a lot of harmful ingredients in which traditional breads would come with.  Julian Bakery brings this to you by using all natural ingredients, in a bread that is high in fiber, low carb, gluten and grain free, and tastes great!!! 

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Thanks for checking out my food blog, and I hope you recreate this one and report back with some (hopefully positive) comments!

By: Dan From Primal4Life

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