Primal Power Method Book & Meal Guide Review

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Primal Power Method Book & Meal Guide Review by Gary Collins, MS.”  A few years ago I noticed that I really enjoyed reading health and fitness books, books that inspired me to want to eat, feel and perform better….. Primal Power Method by Gary Collins, MS, is a book that fits right into that category.  From page one, I was locked in and focused, trying to soak in any new information that I could muster up.  Gary was a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Special Agent, looking at how the world (not just the United States) was affected by our food, drug and healthcare policies.  Gary states in his book that “if American’s really knew what was going on in the area of healthcare and nutrition in this country, they would be appalled.”  Knowing what I have learned in the past few years, and what I just read in Primal Power Method, I couldn’t agree more!!!  Through his Primal Power Method book, he shares a lot of amazing information with us.  He also is a college professor, a consultant for high-level organized sports and gyms, and a Master level personal trainer.  Sounds like a busy, but extremely smart guy!!!

The book starts off discussing “What is Primal”, the differences between Primal and Paleo, and then Gary gives us his “Principles”.  He then goes into macronutrients, talking about protein, carbohydrates and fat…. While busting myths and shedding light at the same time, he has a few nice charts that make the book visually appealing and easy to follow.  In this section he gets into grains, oils, amino acids, lots of other great stuff!  Other topics follow, such as salt, water, supplements, digestion, and then he gets into being physically active. 

Overall, this book certainly ranks up there on my list of recommended books.  I thought it was an easy read, but still captured my interest and challenged me with some new information at times.  While I was reading Primal Power Method, I kept thinking that this would make the perfect gift for someone looking to get healthy and change their life.  So many topics and facts were touched upon, that I kept thinking that there’s a lot of information that I’ve wanted to share with people, and it’s all right here in this book!

The Primal Power Method Meal Guide has a lot of recipes that sound very appealing.  Truth be told, I haven’t made one yet, as I just received these books and wanted to read Gary’s Primal Power Method first… But just by reading the ingredients and combos that he’s sharing with us, I can tell that they sound great and will taste great too.  The Primal Power Method Meal Guide has thirty-five recipes, as well as a detox recipe, and most of these recipes only take minutes to prepare and consist of five ingredients or less!  By making meals easy and quick to make, with fewer ingredients, I’m sure this will be extremely helpful for anyone looking for new meal ideas!

So make sure you go to and look for Gary Collins, MS and his wonderful Primal Power Method books!!!  I highly recommend them; I think they are packed with great information for the newbee to the advanced Paleo or Primal enthusiast…  And, I really think these books will make a great gift!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog for Primal Power Method by Gary Collins, MS, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you are Paleo or Primal, please keep eatin’ clean and enjoy life!




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