Primal Patty Melt Combo Recipe

It’s Patty Melt time!  And we are going to make Patty Melts out of both the Paleo Bread as well as the Paleo Wrap!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you the “Primal Patty Melt Combo”.  Lunchtime around the Primal4Life household means that it’s time to bust out the best of organic ingredients, including gluten-free Paleo products from Julian Bakery.  This meal is no exception; we start off with some organic ground beef, seasoned with garlic and onion powder, and a little Sunfood Super Foods Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt.  Some say salt is bad for you, but in reality traditional table salt (AKA sodium-chloride) is what deserves the bad rap.  A healthy, nutritious, organic Himalayan salt like this one provides us with 84 trace minerals, can help the body regulate water content and pH balance, as well as facilitate the absorption of nutrients from our food. 

We then start to grill up our ground beef with our Panini griddle, at the same time I begin defrosting Ali’s Almond Paleo Bread.  With only 1 Net carb, 60 calories per slice, and made with purified water, almond flour, organic coconut flour, egg whites, psyllium seed powder, organic apple cider vinegar, potassium bicarbonate, and sea salt; it’s no wonder why you can enjoy bread that isn’t just grain and gluten-free, but is also able to be considered good enough to keep one in Ketosis.  Julian Bakery hit the mark with Paleo Bread, it’s the only bread that I recommend to people trying to eat clean, go Paleo, or even for those with auto-immune conditions like myself.

Once our ground beef was cooked, on goes the eggs… Meanwhile I prep some tomato and avocado for my Paleo Wrap.  Talk about a delicious wrap that is healthy as well as falling in the same categories as the Paleo Bread!  Low carb, low calorie, made with organic coconut, and no GMO’s.  What else can you ask for??  No soy or grains?  You got it!!!  Once our eggs are done, I assemble both the wrap and the sandwich, and put them into the Panini maker.  The sandwich actually had more grill time, due to its thickness compared to the Paleo Wraps.



1)      Defrost Paleo Bread in toaster oven

2)      Form burgers, using garlic and onion powder, as well as salt.

3)      Use Paleo Butter on cooking grates.

4)      Grill burgers, keeping in mind that you will cook them some more later to melt cheese.

5)      Remove burgers when almost done, cook eggs to your liking.

6)      Assemble sandwich and wrap to your liking, and then add sandwich to Panini maker for a few minutes, till cheese starts to melt.

7)      Add wrap to Panini maker, and grill for just a couple minutes.

8)      Carefully remove, and enjoy!

[youtube id=VRmXxGr27ic]

By adding in some fresh tomato and avocado to my wrap, I’m not only adding even more nutrients, but a ton of fresh flavors.  And when it comes to the melt part, obviously we’re going for some cheese.  I go with some organic garlic and herb goat cheese, Ali keeps it simple with two slices of organic American cheese.  When this was all melted up, we both enjoyed a super scrumptious meal!!!  It was low in carbs, low in calories, and had no GMO’s, gluten, grains, soy, or wheat!!!  And since we cooked this up in some healthy Paleo Butter, a French style ghee from grass-fed cows, we are adding in vitamins A, D, and K2… Not to forget about a lovely, rich taste that you cannot deny.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a couple pieces of Paleo Chocolate, the ultimate dark chocolate that is soy free, sugar free, and absolutely rich in cacao flavor.  Talk about an incredible lunch, and doing it with all real food, just the way I like it!  If you were a fan of this meal, or any of the Paleo products used, please check out and order up safely and securely!  Remember, Paleo Wraps last up to 9 months, unrefrigerated… But I dare you to take the Paleo Wrap challenge and see if they actually sit around that long.  Doubt it!!!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



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