Primal Paleo Pizza Trio Recipe

Pizza has never been this guilt-free and delicious at the same time…  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Paleo Pizza Trio”.  This afternoon when Rachel suggested pizza, I thought she was flat out crazy…. Then she refreshed my memory about the Paleo Pizza Crust Mix that we got from Julian Bakery.  So here we are, making the Paleo Pizza Crust Mix, which is in my opinion – the best gluten free (and then some!) pizza crust mix that money can buy.  I have been to restaurants where they offer a gluten-free pizza, and I will admit they have good taste.  But once you realize that gluten-free doesn’t mean healthy, you want a better option.  Gluten-free also doesn’t mean soy free for that matter….

Looking at the Paleo Pizza Crust Mix, you’ll notice it is soy free, it is gluten free, and it’s made with healthy ingredients like almond flour, pumpkin flour, arrowroot flour, dried egg whites, and xanthan gum  (Julian Bakery chose xanthan gum that is derived from fruit, not corn).  And when you look at the nutritional information, you’ll notice it’s just 12 net carbs and 130 calories per slice, while providing you with 4 grams of protein as well.  I normally try to stay in a mild state of ketosis, but I do enjoy life a little and will stray outside of that ketogenic-window from time to time.  Tonight, I’m going for it, but I’m actually not going all that far.  Three awesome slices puts me around 56 net carbs, which is miniscule compared to just about any other pizza crusts on the market!

Another benefit to all of this good news is that it’s not just free of the things we are looking to avoid… It’s not just made with healthy ingredients…. It’s low in calories and carbs when compared to other “gluten free” pizza crusts… But it tastes great while allowing you to feel great!  After three heavenly slices of tonight’s Paleo Pizza Crust Mix, I do not feel bloated, I don’t have a headache, I’m not suffering from brain fog, and I don’t have any aches or pains.  Guess what, if I had “the other gluten free pizza”, I probably would have several of those issues going on right now!!


  • Almond Flour

  • Arrowroot Flour

  • Pumpkin Powder

  • Dried Egg Whites

  • Xanthan Gum


1)      Place pizza stone in oven and set oven to 425 F

2)      Combine contents of bag with ½ cup water and mix with pinch of Himalayan Salt, and form a ball.

3)      Place ball on parchment paper, and roll out to your into one 14” crust, or two 10” crusts.

4)      Prick crust all over with a fork.

5)      Place crust on hot pizza stone.

6)      Cook 9-11 minutes, or until golden brown.

7)      Remove crust, add toppings, add back into oven for 11-13 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20-24 minutes

[youtube id=55MLdEnlt5E]

Today, the three of us decided to go our separate ways… With the pizza toppings that is!  Alessia went with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and organic hot dogs.  Hey, I’m good with that, as long as it’s organic!  Rachel chose sauce, organic pepperoni, garlic, and a mix of crumbled goat and Kerrygold cheddar cheese.  Yours truly settled on fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, arugula, mushrooms, sardines in olive oil, and that same crumbled goat and cheddar cheese blend.  We finished it off with a little Himalayan Salt and black pepper, and into the oven we go!


Only thirteen minutes later, we were done and ready for slicing.  As a kid I was definitely not a fan of sardines, but in my Paleo/Primal journey I have learned about the importance of healthy fats… Especially from a quality wild-caught fish!  So why not enjoy a quality protein with a quality Paleo Pizza Crust Mix?  I really enjoyed each and every bite, and so did my girls.  And finally one more benefit to using the Paleo Pizza Crust Mix is that you get to use your own toppings… Organic, fresh toppings!!!  And, you also get to spend quality time with your family and friends, from start to finish, which is a huge benefit if you ask me.

So make sure you go to and grab the Paleo Pizza Crust Mix.  The toppings are up to you, and who you make it and enjoy it with is also your choice.  But I guarantee that you will love this crispy and tasty crust, and you will be back for more!  Thanks for checking out our Primal Paleo Pizza Trio, and please come again!




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