Primal Paleo Bread Panini with Eggs and Veggies

 Buon Giorno!  Another day, another twist using the ultimate bread…. Paleo Bread! This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Paleo Bread Panini with Eggs and Veggies”.  The possibilities are really starting to become endless, and I’m not just talking about the Paleo movement.  Paleo Bread has become a staple around here, and now that we’ve picked up a Panini maker, we’re enjoying our favorite bread in another form!  It’s such a small change, but a noticeably different taste, feel, and look altogether.

I start off by cooking up a couple eggs in my cast-iron skillet with a nice dab of Paleo Butter, another Julian Bakery favorite of ours…. Loaded with some hard to get vitamin K2, vitamins A and D, as well as CLA Tonalin.  That trio right there has become more and more important these days…   And with Paleo Butter being made virtually lactose free, from grass-fed cows, it’s the perfect butter to use when cooking or topping a favorite meal.  My eggs never tasted so delicious….

Next up, I layer my eggs with my defrosted Almond Paleo Bread, some escarole, sliced grape tomatoes, red onions, and crumbled goat cheese, and get it into my warmed Panini maker.  With a little down-force, I apply some pressure with the top griddle and get those cool looking lines into the sandwich.  It not only looks cool, but it gives it a cool texture, a great feel when holding the sandwich, and it also makes each and every bite crispier.  

[youtube id=vx_Qf7KqFqE]




  1. Pre-heat Panini maker, and get Paleo Butter in warmed cast-iron skillet.

  2. In your toaster/toaster-oven, defrost your frozen Paleo Bread.  If not frozen, have it ready to assemble.

  3. Cook eggs to your liking and season with salt & pepper (you could do your eggs on your Panini maker, I chose to keep it separate today).

  4. When eggs are almost complete, assemble sandwich, layering as you wish or how I described above.

  5. Insert sandwich into Panini maker, press somewhat firmly and allow to cook to your liking.

After about eight minutes, I was ready to mangia!!  I have had a Panini in the past, but it’s been years…. If you are Paleo you know the drill….. I haven’t had traditional bread in so long, but now that Paleo Bread and I have joined forces, and the Panini maker has arrived, we are reunited once again.  And this ain’t your average Panini.  It’s a Paleo Bread Panini!  Extremely low in carbs, low in calories, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, no GMO’s, and made with awesome ingredients that I’m proud to recommend to my friends and family.  Anyone with auto-immune issues also gets a nod towards coconut or almond Paleo Bread, I feel great consuming it, unlike traditional or your other “gluten-free” breads.  Remember, gluten-free does not equal healthy or Paleo, it just means it doesn’t have gluten.  


Each bite was terrific, molto bene, and Paleo!  My Primal goat cheese was melted up and delicioso, I loved the warm tomatoes that just melt in your mouth, and the Paleo Bread was crispy and crunchy like I’ve never had it before.  So if you have access to a Panini maker, try this one out!!!  Paleo Bread can be just as versatile as those Paleo Wraps!  You can enjoy them like French Toast, as a traditional sandwich, turned into croutons, and even as a Paleo Panini!  Make sure you go to to order up your Paleo Bread and all of the other wonderful Paleo products that I used to make this meal.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this come together as much as I enjoyed it, and ciao!



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