Primal Omelet with Paleo Butter

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Omelet with Paleo Butter.”  This morning I wanted to throw an omelet together, something that I’ve never had before…. I am glad I have an open mind when it comes to foods, trying new foods, and mixing ingredients together.  Heck, if I didn’t have an open mind, maybe I wouldn’t have ever tried going Paleo/Primal and would still be overweight, lethargic, sick, and have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Perhaps I would have never tried Paleo Bread and would have kept trying other gluten-free breads, which gave me headaches and body aches…..  Imagine that?  No… Because ever since I changed my lifestyle to incorporate real foods, healthy ingredients, Paleo Bread instead of other breads, I have been feeling better and better… My cholesterol went from “You better start paying attention to these numbers….”  To “Wow, I have never seen cholesterol numbers this good before!”  And my body aches, headaches, and autoimmune issues are curbed.  Yeah, you are what you eat, and I’m thankful that I found Paleo, and Paleo Bread!!! 

This omelet starts off with three eggs, locally sourced of course…. Then, some chopped red onion, a hand full of arugula, and an ounce of sliced up Genoa Salami.  Toss all of those items in a bowl with some sea salt and black pepper, and cook it up in some coconut oil in your frying pan.  Meanwhile, my almond Paleo Bread goes into the toaster oven and Paleo Butter is on stand-by for both the omelet and the toast.  Yeah, it’s going on both, because the Paleo Butter not only tastes great, but it’s good for you.  That’s the key with Paleo, it’s all about healthy fats, you need them…. When you ditch fats from your diet, you are doing yourself a disservice.  How did I improve my cholesterol?  By eating lots and lots of healthy fats…  By eating tons of veggies…  By ditching those nasty processed foods (less sugar, sodium, grains, soy, and who knows what else….)   and by eating healthy proteins from trusted sources.  Paleo Butter and Paleo Bread fit right into my plan, because they are made with healthy fats, with organic ingredients, and no grains, gluten, soy, or GMO’s…. And, they are my trusted source!


• 1 teaspoon coconut oil for frying pan

• 3 eggs

• Hand full of arugula

• 1 ounce Genoa Salami – organic (I used Applegate Farms)

• ¼ cup red onion – diced

• Sea salt and black pepper to taste

• 1 slice almond Paleo Bread

• 2 teaspoons Paleo Butter


1)      Mix eggs, salami, arugula, and onion in a bowl.

2)      Pour mixture into heated pan with coconut oil melted.

3)      Toast Paleo Bread

4)      When all is done, season omelet with salt and pepper.

5)      Top omelet with 1 teaspoon Paleo Butter

6)      Top toast with 1 teaspoon Paleo Butter

Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 7 minutes


• 1

This was so worth it, I love the salty taste from the Genoa Salami, combined with the flavor of the Paleo Butter….. Not to mention the crispy bite of the almond Paleo Bread, which has been enhanced with a little bit of coconut flour… Yeah, coconut flour, not some other cheap filler, Julian Bakery is using real, healthy ingredients… And that is why I trust them as my go to online shop for my cooking needs.  They have a huge selection of Primal4Life approved items in their Paleo section, where I can order up some more Paleo Bread, stock up on some Nutiva Coconut Manna, or even the Paleo Powder which works great in just about anything that you want to spice up. 

So check out to fulfill your Paleo needs, I’m glad I did because my health has improved dramatically ever since.  I hope you enjoyed this breakfast blog, using Julian Bakery products, combined with other organic items.  Thanks for checkin’ us out, and have a healthy and safe day!




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