Primal Low Carb Gluten Free Paleo Bread™ Sandwich

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Lettuce Tomato Egg and Cheese on Paleo Bread.”  Since I’m not super hungry this morning, I reach for a few healthy ingredients to hold me over.  Of course, Paleo Bread™ is where I start, since it’s healthy and made from all good ingredients that I trust.  I then decide to go with an organic free-range egg, some raw sheep’s milk cheese, and some fresh organic tomato.  As I start assembling, I decide some green would be a good idea, so I add some fresh romaine lettuce into the mix.  Now we are talking about a breakfast sandwich that is low in calories, low in carbs, has fiber, protein, veggies, and also lacks many, many harmful things in which other sandwiches are loaded with.  What harmful things you ask?  Well, for starters, this one doesn’t have GMO’s, soy, gluten, grains… Shall I go on?  And this is why I opt for Julian Bakery when it comes to the slices that hold my proteins and veggies together! 


• 2 slices Paleo Bread™

• 1 egg

• 1 thin slice raw cheese

• 2 slices tomato

• 1 leaf of romaine lettuce

• Sea salt to taste


1)      Cook Paleo Bread™ in toaster oven

2)      Cook egg in frying pan

3)      When bread is close to being done, add cheese to one slice and lettuce and tomato to the other.

4)      When cheese is melted, transfer both slices to plate.

5)      Assemble sandwich with egg.

6)      Add sea salt to taste

Prep Time:

• 2 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes


• 1

Now that I’ve had this lovely sandwich, that was low in calories, had protein and good fats, fiber, and lots of great taste, I am ready to take my day on!  I am so glad that I have found this delicious Paleo Bread™!   I can enjoy it, and not have to worry about my blood sugar spiking, insulin levels are maintained, I feel good due to the lack of gluten, and I’m satiated.  My worry is what’s for lunch to top this meal!?!??! 

While you are ordering your Paleo Bread™make sure you glance all of the other awesome items that Julian Bakery offers.  They have all sorts of Paleo items, from cook books to bars!   I have had nothing but a positive experience with their products and their customer service, so feel confident that your order is taken seriously with pride.  Or if you would like to find their products locally, check out their store locator:

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this breakfast come together, and I hope you have a healthy day!



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