Primal Ham Egg & Cheese Panini

How do make a grilled cheese even better?  Turn it into a Panini with coconut Paleo Bread! This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Ham Egg & Cheese Panini”.  This Panini maker is probably wishing it got delivered to someone else’s home by now so it could get stored on a shelf forever in peace….   We’ve been using it non-stop since it arrived at our doorstep, and this time around we are turning your average grilled cheese into something special.  Alessia’s lunch was due, and when she asked for a grilled cheese we did our normal thing…..  Convince her to add on some healthy ingredients!!!

We start off with the easiest of swaps, by using Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery.   As I mentioned in the video, I’m not worried that each slice only has thirty-five calories… And I’m not worried that this is low-carb…. She’ll eat till she’s full, and low carb has been proven to be healthy and safe with children through the years.  What I am really thankful for is the fact that Paleo Bread says “NO!” to GMO’s, to gluten and grains, and the same to soy!!  I personally know how I feel when I consume gluten and soy, and I do not want my little one to digest any of that stuff if we can manage it.  Paleo Bread makes it an easy, simple swap.

Some folks make a grilled cheese with some butter on the bread, so I’m adding on some Paleo Butter; a grass fed French-style ghee, virtually free of lactose (for those of you who cannot digest it, this is a great choice!).  And since it’s loaded with vitamins and CLA Tonalin, I am more than thankful that my daughter enjoys some on her foods.  We then tack on other healthy foods, like uncured organic slow-cooked ham, an egg from the local farm, and she’s going Primal with some organic American cheese!




1)      Pre-heat Panini maker on MEDIUM

2)      Defrost Paleo Bread if frozen, I use a toaster-oven.  Once warmed, I add on a dab of Paleo Bread to the outsides of the slices.

3)      Cook egg on Panini maker/griddle, or in a pan if you wish.

4)      Assemble sandwich to your liking, season with salt.

5)      Set Panini maker temp to HIGH. Once fully warmed, add sandwich to Panini maker, and press firmly for a few minutes.

6)      When desired grill marks are achieved and cheese is melted, remove carefully and enjoy!

[youtube id=FeS62ecbOWk]

This Panini maker is the bomb!  Combined with the coconut Paleo Bread, we turned your average grilled ham egg & cheese into something even crispier, and more “fun to eat”.  Alessia truly enjoyed it, and with some carrot sticks and Golden and Goji Berries on the side; she really got a ton of good stuff in her. 

So if you think this is something you’d like to get your child to try, make sure you go to for the Paleo Bread, the Paleo Butter, the Himalayan Crystal Salt (which is healthy, giving you eighty-four trace minerals), and the Golden and Goji Berries (talk about antioxidants!).    I have a feeling your child isn’t going to be the only one enjoying meals like this!!! 



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