Primal Ham Egg & Cheese with Bacon

Double your Paleo Wraps, double your fun!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Ham Egg & Cheese with Bacon!”   An old memory of going to Taco Bell popped in my head this morning from over a decade ago, how they used two taco shells…. And that had me wondering how using two Paleo Wraps would work out?  Guess what, I loved each and every bite, and I’m betting you will too!

With some organic assistance from Julian Bakery and Applegate, along with some fresh, local bacon and eggs, we are able to make a very nutritious, tasty, and low carb meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  I decided to warm a Paleo Wrap in a large pan, while allowing some organic provolone cheese to melt in…. Meanwhile, I topped it with uncured organic ham, and cooked up some bacon on the side.  Oh yeah!!!!!!!!

Once the bacon was done, I cooked up a couple of those farm raised eggs, and timed the eggs and the ham and cheese so they were ready to join forces and create a wonderful and harmonious combination.  Plus, with another Paleo Wrap in between, this all gets that much better, while still maintaining that low-carb and low-glycemic quality that we are aiming for.  Why are we aiming for lower-carb and low-glycemic?  Because we are looking to keep inflammation low, to maintain a happy gut, a happy immune system, and a healthy body.  By eliminating grains and other modernized foods, we are keeping our blood-sugar levels much more stable, and our bodies will thank us. 




1)      Cook your bacon, unless you have some pre-cooked.

2)      In a large non-stick pan, place Paleo Wrap, and add cheese and then ham on low heat.

3)      When you notice cheese starting to melt, start cooking your eggs in another pan.  If you just made bacon, you can use the bacon grease for the eggs.  If not, you can use Paleo Butter, Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, or Coconut Ghee.

4)      I cooked my eggs Sunny-Side-Up, but you can make them any way you prefer.

5)      When eggs are done, carefully pick up the ham, egg and Paleo Wrap from two opposite ends of the wrap, and plate.  Season it with some salt and pepper, now add your second Paleo Wrap on top of this.

6)      Finish this off by adding your eggs, bacon, and a pinch more of the salt and pepper.


Prep Time:  2 min

Cook Time:  10 min (more if you need to cook your bacon)


[youtube id=bffL7gLjztI]



Serves: 1

Was this tasty?  Yes!  Was this filling?  Absolutely!  Was this different?  Kinda, sorta?  The double Paleo Wrap was definitely contributing to the cool factor, meanwhile only added 70 calories, just 4 net carbs, and didn’t bring in any GMO’s, soy, gluten, grains, or starch!  Paleo Wraps are the ultimate way to wrap your foods, and enjoy a Paleo or Primal meal…. And if dairy isn’t your thing, simply omit the cheese.

Primal Ham Egg & Cheese with Bacon (3)

So make sure you check out for the items used in this meal, and look at the other tons of great products that they carry….. I’m sure just poking around for mere seconds will have you thinking up new, healthy, and scrumptious meal combinations, or you’ll simply find some tasty treats like Paleo Treats – Banditos

Thanks for taking some time to check out this food blog using Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps, and their other fine products!  I hope you enjoyed this one, and keep checking Julian Bakery’s Blog for more yummy low-carb meals!





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