Primal Coppa Wrap

When I see fresh meats like Applegate Coppa at the store, the Paleo Wrap ideas start shuffling through my mind.  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Primal Coppa Wrap”.  As I filled my shopping cart this morning with the freshest of organic ingredients, I couldn’t wait to get home and start wrapping.  Not for a birthday party or a holiday, but to assemble my Paleo Wrap lunch!  After grabbing some organic Coppa, a nice hunk of organic raw milk goat cheese, and some fresh spicy Asian greens, I had a wonderful meal heading my way!

Sitting in my pantry, waiting for these lovely ingredients that I shopped for, were my Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps.  They come seven in a pack, they last up to nine months without the need for refrigeration, and they taste great!  And for the number counters, each Paleo Wrap has just seventy calories, only four net carbs, just four grams of sugar, while being made from just one healthy product: Organic coconut!  Less is more when it comes to food labels, and these wraps are King.  Compare them to other wraps, and Paleo Wraps always trump the competition. 


Primal Coppa Wrap (4)


1)      Add Applegate Coppa to Paleo Wrap

2)      Add several chunks of organic raw milk goat cheese.

3)      Top with spicy Asian greens.

4)      Top with salt and pepper if you wish.

Primal Coppa Wrap (5)

And what a wrap this was!  I love that salty taste of the Coppa, and I might’ve overdone it just a tad with the Quantum Pink Salt.  But hey, at least this salt is healthy for you!  Just pure Mediterranean Sea and pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea salts, along with no flowing or “anti-clumping” agents as commonly added to regular table salt, such as aluminum hydroxide, refined sugar, stearic acid, sodium ferrocyanide, or calcium phosphate.  The creamy goat cheese was a perfect touch, and the spicy Asian greens are always a hit in my book.  The Paleo Wrap’s light coconut taste actually never even came through, so if you were thinking “Hey, coconut and Coppa?  Come on!”  It wasn’t an issue, nor did it disappoint.  It just held everything together and did its job, perfectly. 

Paleo Wraps are the perfect way to enjoy your meals; they keep your body happy along with your taste buds happy too…. And, they are portable, versatile, and work with just about anything you put in them!  You can grab yours at right there with Paleo Macaroons, Paleo BBQ Sauce, and tons of other fine Paleo products that keep you smilin’ and feelin’ strong at the same time! 

Primal Coppa Wrap (9)

Thanks for taking a moment to check out my low-carb lunch, using Julian Bakery products… I hope you enjoyed it, and please stop by for more great meals that keep sugar and carbs low, yet taste way up there!

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