Pepperoni Egg & Tomato Paleo Bread Sandwich

Talk about a mix of ingredients, yet still a healthy and scrumptious Paleo option!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Pepperoni Egg & Tomato Paleo Bread Sandwich”.  Even though this may look like a mish-mash of stuff in between two slices of bread, it’s all sourced from the best of the best places.  That bread isn’t just your average bread; it’s PaleoBread!  Made without GMO’s, gluten, grains, starch, or soy, it’s the best bread for anyone looking to slim down, eat right, or stay away from many auto-immune flair-ups.  Made with Purified Water, Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Bicarbonate, and Sea Salt, you can see that the ingredient list is limited, and doesn’t contain anything that is harmful for your health.  When I made the switch from your average multigrain whole wheat bread to PaleoBread, that’s when I started seeing things change for the better.  Migraines seemed to go away, zits disappeared, my waistline was easier to manage, and my aches and pains from Lyme disease lessened.  Now isn’t that interesting….

Next up, we’ve stuffed a bunch of healthy foods in between that PaleoBread; from spreading on some healthy avocado, to some yummy but antibiotic-free uncured pork pepperoni from Applegate, to fresh tomato and a locally raised egg.  And with some great seasonings and spices, it’s that much healthier as well as delish!  A little onion powder, turmeric, ground black pepper, and QuantumPinkSalt for the win!  Meanwhile, our pasture raised egg was cooked in an oil that resists oxidation, which helps keep inflammation low, in turn keeping your cholesterol in a much better state.

Check out our how to video for this meal:

[youtube id=Xe6vPSw2w5A]




1)      Toast PaleoBread

2)      Heat up LemonHerbNucoLiquidPremiumCoconutOil in frying pan.

3)      When hot, add your egg, season with spices to your liking.

4)      Once PaleoBread is toasted as you wish, carefully plate, and spread on your avocado.

5)      Top with pepperoni, tomato, egg, and season with more seasalt to taste.

Prep Time:  2 min

Cook Time:  10 min

Serves: 1


Now isn’t that special?  It looks phenomenal, it tastes incredible, and I still feel great afterwards.  I’m also satisfied, without the need to snack in a couple hours, thanks to eating real foods from quality sources.  That’s why I shop at JulianBakery, they stock their shelves with the best products for our health, while making sure each and every item tastes great.  Trust me; I’ve just about tried ‘em all!  So check them out in San Diego, or online at  Thanks for checking out my low-carb Paleo breakfast; this is just another example of how I manage my weight, healthy and how I feel through real food.




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