Paleo Wraps™ Grass Fed Beef & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

“Organic Grass-Fed Beef & Rice Stuffed Paleo Wrap.”  How did I fall into this wonderful scenario, where Julian Bakery has asked me to review a product that they are soon launching?  A product that is guaranteed to blow your socks off  and gets its own website at!!  Made from only two non-GMO and organic ingredients; coconut meat and coconut water, only seventy calories, and just four Net Carbs!  Plus, no refrigeration required, allowing you to keep it on the shelf for up to nine months!  But if you have these delicious Paleo Wraps sitting around for nine months, something is flat-out wrong!!!  I’m already half done with my samples, and I wish I had many, many more!

So I really wanted to see how much a Paleo Wrap could hold…  I was told they don’t rip, they don’t fall apart, and so far I am very impressed.  I have made a chicken wrap with no destruction, no falling apart, it was perfect.  Yesterday I made a nice treat, using Paleo MeeNut Butter, strawberries and shredded coconut; it was delicious and solid throughout.  Today I decided to test things out, push the limits if you will…. So I piled on five ounces of some tasty “Eye of the Round” beef, along with about a cup of “riced” cauliflower, a quarter of an onion, and half of an avocado!  Yes, it was quite the ridiculous pile, but hey I need my calories, at age 37 I’m still a growing boy!   Watching the related video, you’ll see that I pick this monstrosity up, and nothing comes down….  The Paleo Wrap holds up perfectly, and laughs at every single ingredient that I threw at it!!!



  1. Warm beef, onion and “Saffron Rice” Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil in pan.
  2. Spread avocado on Paleo Wrap
  3. Sprinkle Paleo Powder to your liking
  4. Enjoy!

Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 5 minutes


• 1

Ok, I admit that I “cheated”, and these were leftovers, that’s why cook time is only five minutes… But if you really want to make the “Saffron Rice”, check out for the recipe along with our take on the book Gather which we also picked up through Julian Bakery!  But make sure you make extra, because some of my best meals are made with leftovers.  With some additional awesome ingredients like Paleo Powder and Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil – both available from Julian Bakery as well, you can make smashing meals too!!! 

I absolutely crushed this wrap and everything inside… But everything inside did not crush this Paleo Wrap, it held up, it tasted delicious, and I love that texture.  With a hint of coconut, it almost made this “Beef & Rice Stuffed Paleo Wrap” have a slight Thai flair.  Although some people that I’ve given the pleasure of tasting the Paleo Wrap have not mentioned they picked up on the coconut.  Perhaps my taste buds are permanently coconut enhanced after all the coconut that I’ve been consuming over the years… I really would be quite enamored with that!  One thing I should start doing is bringing these Paleo Wraps to my workplace.  When it’s lunchtime and on the go, if I see a taco stand, order up a taco, throw their shell in the trash, and pour their protein and veggies into this delicious vessel, the Paleo Wrap!  Do you think their corn tortilla really has only four Net Carbs?  Or only seventy calories?  Or is made with natural non-GMO ingredients?  Yeah right.

Now Available: Paleo Wraps  – Thanks for checking out this food blog, using the best of the best from Julian Bakery!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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