Paleo Wrap -Primal Quesadilla By PPNF

Paleo-Wrap Quesadilla

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation is located in San Diego, California, known for its many variations of Mexican food, including the quesadilla. Quesadillas are often made from gluten-filled, starchy white flour tortillas. PPNF has created a version of the classic quesadilla using Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps and Organic Pastures Truly Raw Cheddar.

You may notice in the recipe that the heat is kept very low and that the quesadilla is not cooked for very long. We used raw cheese in our recipe (so your body receives all the beneficial enzymes that pasteurized cheese does not contain). Many cooks mistakenly believe they can easily substitute raw dairy with the pasteurized dairy a recipe traditionally calls for.  However, once cheese, or any raw dairy, is heated past 120 degrees F, it is no longer raw. It’s just been pasteurized! So recipes that call for boiling milk or heating any dairy to very high temperatures in an oven or skillet are not well suited for raw dairy ingredients.

Whenever possible use raw dairy (If Your Primal If Your Paleo Use Almond Cheese). If you cannot source raw dairy such as raw cheese, raw sour cream or raw milk, use organic dairy from grassfed cows. Grassfed dairy is full of health-promoting omega-threes. When using pasteurized sour cream or yogurt make sure it contains live and active cultures. Enjoy!

2 Paleo Wraps ™ from Julian Bakery

1-2 tablespoons organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil (we like Tropical Traditions) (Nuco Coconut Oil)

5-6 ¼” thick slices organic, raw cheddar cheese from grassfed cows (Primal Option) 

1-2 tablespoons organic sundried tomatoes

1 chopped organic jalapeno

1 tablespoon organic, fresh, chopped cilantro

Organic, cultured sour cream, organic, raw sour cream or organic yogurt (goat’s milk or cow’s milk yogurt, from pasture-raised animals) (Primal= Cheese/Dairy)


Over very low heat, in a glass, stainless steel or other toxin-free frying pan melt the coconut oil. Assemble the quesadilla by placing the slices of cheddar on one wrap. Sprinkle with the tomatoes and jalapenos and top with the second wrap. Place the assembled quesadilla in the frying pan and heat over the very low heat. The wrap will turn golden brown fairly quickly. Flip quesadilla once with the spatula. Only heat the quesadilla until the cheese has melted slightly, about three to five minutes. If cheese starts to melt out of the sides of the quesadilla and into the frying pan you have overcooked it. Serve with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt is very similar in taste and consistency to sour cream.




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