Paleo Wrap Primal Panini Recipe

Ever since our Panini maker arrived, we’ve been creating (and enjoying!) terrific meals with some of Julian Bakery’s finest…. This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Paleo Wrapped Primal Panini Melt”.  Yesterday’s Paleo Bread Panini was such a hit that I was drooling up some new ideas overnight.  The Paleo Wrap came to mind, and I wondered how it would do, and I got right to work!  

With some fresh, organic products, I assembled quite a pork-tastic Paleo Wrap, and thought I named it accordingly.  Ensuring that our prosciutto and bacon were both optimal, organic, nitrate-free is essential.  I know it might cost a little more, but it’s worth it; for your health and well-being.  And to make things even healthier, I’ve incorporated some greens as well…  I included some fresh arugula and basil, for a nice kick.  I love arugula’s spicy bite, and that lovely aroma that you get from basil.  Plus, you know they are flat-out good for you!  Some organic mozzarella to get melted into all of this delicious goodness, and a little black pepper and Quantum Pink Salt to finish things off.  But not too much salt, since the bacon and prosciutto will be providing quite a salty punch.


  • 2 Paleo Wraps

  • 3 slices organic nitrate free bacon

  • 3 slices organic prosciutto

  • ½ cup organic arugula

  • 4 large basil leaves

  • 2 oz organic mozzarella cheese, cut into large chunks

  • Quantum Pink Salt and black pepper to taste



  1. Pre-heat Panini maker, I set it to HIGH.

  2. On a plate, place one Paleo Wrap down first, then add all other ingredients and top with second Paleo Wrap.  

  3. Insert carefully, preferably using a spatula, into Panini maker, press somewhat firmly and allow to cook to your liking.  I did this for about 30 seconds, until I saw nice grill marks.

  4. Remove carefully, with spatula, and plate.

  5. If you prefer melted cheese, use microwave until cheese melt 


Once my Panini maker was hot, and my Paleo Wrap was all assembled, I carefully placed it into the Panini maker for just thirty seconds….  Those awesome grill marks just brought things to another level, as there’s nothing like a toasty Paleo Wrap!  For those of you that worry about using two Paleo Wraps, please do not worry.  The two equate to just eight net carbs, and one-hundred-forty calories!  And since it’s made with organic, GMO-free coconut meat and coconut water, there’s nothing but good going in your belly!  Plus you get to add two more grams of protein and six grams of fiber to your diet!  Try comparing a regular “wrap” to a Paleo Wrap and you’ll see that Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps not only are healthier when it comes to nutritional content and ingredients, but they lack the GMO’s, the grains, gluten, soy, and dairy.

[youtube id=6-XEC4fzZ-c]

Speaking of dairy, I make sure it’s healthy… A quality dairy that personally does not bother me.  I melted up my mozzarella a little more in the microwave, since I sliced it fairly thick.  If you are using a shredded cheese, the Panini maker might melt it just right for you… Each bite was loaded with so many flavors and Paleo goodness, I wish I made two of these!!  The crisp arugula, the savory bacon and prosciutto, an herby basil, and my favorite wrap ever; the Paleo Wrap! So why not go to and order up some Paleo Wraps along with some Quantum Pink Salt; one of the healthiest salts around, with no anti-caking agents, just two real salts blended together to provide you with nutrients and trace minerals that you deserve!  Thanks for checking out this food blog with some great Julian Bakery products, and please stop by again soon!



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