Paleo Waffle & MeeNut Butter Sandwich

As a child I used to crave waffle sandwiches, and now I get to enjoy them in Paleo form!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Paleo Waffle & MeeNut Butter Sandwich”.  Thanks to Julian Bakery, and their awesome Paleo Waffles, I can relive the strange but tasty concoctions that I threw together when my mom wasn’t looking.  Except this time, no GMO’s, no gluten, no grains, no soy, and when it comes to nutritional facts…  No comparison!

Paleo Waffles are the main attraction here, folks, but this couldn’t be complete with a few other key Paleo players; Paleo MeeNut Butter and Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup .  All of these fine, low carb products are brought to you by – one of the few places I trust for my Paleo needs.  Paleo Waffles are delicious, soft, thick like a Belgian style waffle, and only 4 net carbs for ½ a waffle!  Plus, only 180 calories, while packing a whopping 10 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.  Made with all healthy ingredients too!  Paleo MeeNut Butter is a special blend of four healthy nuts, its sugar and peanut free, it’s absolutely creamy and delicious, yet has just 3 net carbs for two healthy tablespoons.  And finally, Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup  comes into play for me to dip into….  While it has Xylitol to help your teeth, gums, and help fight candida, it has ZERO grams of sugar, and provides you with only 2 net carbs for a quarter cup! 



1)      Toast Paleo Waffles to your liking.

2)      When done, carefully remove and spread Paleo MeeNut Butter on each quarter.

3)      Sandwich each quarter together and plate.

4)      In a small serving bowl, pour in Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup.

5)      Plate, and dig in!

Holy Moley!!!  Each and every single Paleo bite was absolutely perfect….  The combination of the cinnamon from the soft and fluffy Paleo Waffles worked so well with the nutty MeeNut Butter.  And with just the right amount of maple flavor from Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup, I am in love….  I served this up with some scrambled eggs, cooked in Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, an avocado, and seasoned with Quantum Pink Salt and black pepper.  What a great way to start my busy Sunday, all the while I only consumed 13 net carbs for this entire meal!!!  The “Paleo Waffle & MeeNut Butter Sandwich” with the Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup ended up being roughly 7 net carbs.  And did I mention it was really, really tasty???

Julian Bakery is the source of these incredibly beneficial products, so take a moment to check out their website and stock up on all of your Paleo needs!  I hope you too can take a second to sit down and enjoy a terrific meal like this one.  Tasty, nutritious, filling, yet free of all the bad that us health-conscious folks are trying to stay away from.  Thanks for taking a few to check out this Paleo meal, I hope you enjoyed it, and have a healthy and happy day!




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