Paleo Spicy Prosciutto & Tomato Basil Sandwich

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Spicy Prosciutto & Tomato Basil Sandwich.”  If you are in the mood for a sandwich with a kick, this one may be just what you are looking for.  As I searched the fridge looking for that perfect combination of Paleo ingredients, I started off with the basics… Paleo Bread, avocado, tomato….  But I’m in the mood for a change-up today.   Oh, look what I found, some organic prosciutto!!!  Score!   A little basil will go very well with that protein, okay now we’re getting somewhere.  How about kicking it up a notch with some horseradish?  Oh yeah!  How about a spicy and healthy mayo?  We can do this…  I bust out the mayo that we made via the “Make It Paleo” cook-book, and combine the mayo with avocado and horseradish.  Boo yah!!!!     One thing led to another, and we ended up with a terrific spicy mayo that will make this sandwich stand out.  Thanks to Julian Bakery for access to the cook-book which they offer on their website, along with that great Paleo Bread that I just crave…. It’s healthy, tasty, doesn’t have anything bad in it like gluten, grains or GMO’s, and fills me up even though it’s super low in carbs and calories. 


• 2 slices coconut Paleo Bread™

• 4 slices organic Prosciutto

• 1 thick slice tomato

• ½ Avocado

• 3 Basil leafs – washed and chopped

• 1 tablespoon Horseradish

• 2 tablespoons Paleo Mayonnaise – from the “Make It Paleo” cook-book

• Sea salt and black pepper to taste


1)      Toast Paleo Bread™

2)      Mix avocado, horseradish and mayonnaise together in a bowl

3)      When toast is done, carefully transfer to your plate

4)      Place prosciutto on bread

5)      Place spicy mayonnaise on prosciutto

6)      Add tomato and basil

7)      Salt and pepper to taste


Prep Time:

• 3 – 15 minutes (more time if you need to make the mayonnaise)

Cook Time:

• 8 minutes


• 1

Cowabunga!!!!  I was amazed with the taste from top to bottom… The crunch from the coconut Paleo Bread™, to the spice in the mayo, to the classic prosciutto, and of course the juicy tomato!!  Sometimes a little experimentation pays off, which it did today!!  Although after a few years of going Paleo, experimentation takes on a new meaning…. You tend to mix foods and ingredients together, healthy ones though.  We’re not talking about High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup and Red #40, we are talking about real ingredients.  And this is exactly what Paleo Bread is all about, real ingredients that come together, forming a delicious tasting bread that keeps us healthy and happy… Healthy because of the lack of blood sugar spike, there’s no grains here dude!  And happy because it just tastes so good!  So dig in, enjoy, and if you make this spicy sandwich, please let me know how you like it!!  I am sure I am not alone on this one…

So make sure you grab your copy of “Make It Paleo” and a few other goodies, like Paleo Bread™, Brownie Bombs, and Paleo Powder!  All great tasting items on a very user-friendly website!  Check them out @



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