Paleo Scramble, Smoothie & Toast Paleo Style

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Scramble, Smoothie & Toast Paleo Style.”  This morning I am looking to get a little crazy with my Paleo ingredients!  I decide to make scrambled eggs, with some fresh spinach, chopped onions, and finely sliced jalapeno.  Then, I opt to bust out my Vitamix and make a smoothie, consisting of kale, spinach, half an apple, hemp milk, a tablespoon of this awesome stuff called Paleo MeeNut Butter, and a tablespoon of another great product called Nutiva Coconut Manna.  The ingredients sound like it’ll be a perfect breakfast, but not until I make my side of toast, using coconut Paleo Bread!  It’s Non-GMO, doesn’t have soy or gluten or any grains in it, and tastes great!  Oh, and did you know that it’s low in calories and carbs, but also packs a punch with fiber and protein?  What’s not to love!  I picked up a few fresh loafs just last week through and while I was on their easy to navigate site, I loaded up my cart with the Coconut Manna, the Paleo MeeNut Butter, as well as some Paleo Butter to put a dab onto my Paleo Bread.  The Paleo Butter is packed with nutrition, like vitamins A, D, and K2, not to forget about CLA, and it also is made from cows that were grass-fed…  Not grain or even candy fed.  Grass…. What cows were meant to consume!  So let’s see how my breakfast came out, shall we?

Ingredients (for the egg scramble):

• Coconut oil for frying pan

• 3 eggs

• ½ jalapeno

• 1/3rd onion – chopped

• 1 cup raw spinach

• Sea salt & pepper to taste

Ingredients (for the egg scramble):

• 1 cup raw spinach

• 1 cup raw kale

• ½ apple

• 1 tablespoon Paleo MeeNut Butter

• 1 tablespoon Nutiva Coconut Manna

• 1 cup hemp milk

• 5 ice cubes

Ingredients (for the toast):

• 1 slice coconut Paleo Bread

• 1 tsp Paleo Butter


1)      To make the egg scramble, start cooking up eggs in frying pan with coconut oil.

2)      Add veggies and mix, and add salt and pepper to taste.

3)      For the smoothie, add all ingredients (above) and blend well.

4)      For the toast, toast Paleo Bread to your liking, and top with Paleo Butter when complete.

Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 9 minutes


• 1

This was a fantastic breakfast, super healthy and nutritious… And I owe a lot of it to Julian Bakery, with their incredible line-up of Paleo ingredients.  I am now able to open my pantry up and base my meals off of what Julian Bakery products that I want to start off with…. And all of their products are made with the healthiest of organic ingredients, so I trust what I’m about to eat won’t send me to the couch to lay down with my auto-immune conditions…  I have been religiously eating Paleo Bread and all of their other great products with no issues, but if I go to the supermarket and pick up other so called “organic” items, I usually suffer the consequences.  It makes you really ponder the organic labeling system, but it also allows me to sit back and relax knowing that Julian Bakery is not just slapping a label on their products…. They mean it.

So make sure you check out and load up your cart with some great products to keep you and your family healthy and running strong!  Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you check back soon for more delicious and super healthy meals via Primal4Life and Julian Bakery!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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