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This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Paleo Protein – Vanilla Flavor.”  After trying both Paleo Protein- Chocolate Flavor yesterday, and Paleo Protein – Original Flavor this morning, there’s one thing that I must do…. And that’s try the vanilla!!  I am psyched to see how it tastes as is, as well as with other ingredients…  But going off of the other two flavors and how well they tasted, I’m positive it’ll come out tasting great, even with some healthy ingredients mixed in.  As I open up the sealed package, a whiff of vanilla comes out, and oh what a great scent it is!  Like the other two flavors, the Paleo Protein – Vanilla Flavor is made with all natural ingredients, no GMO’s, no hormones, no chemicals, and comes from grass-fed cows!  I am still in amazement that such a protein powder exists, that someone would take the time to source the best ingredients around to make this product.  That company is Julian Bakery, the one and only source for the best Paleo items around, like Paleo Bread, like these Paleo Proteins, and like all of the other incredible items that you can find at !!!

Paleo Protein Comes In The Following Flavors:   Original Vanilla Chocolate Variety


  • Proserum native whey protein concentrate
  • Natural Vanilla
  • Gum Acacia
  • Stevia


1)      Mix one scoop into 4 to 8 ounces of water, milk or dairy substitute.  For best results, mix in a blender or shaker. 

Paleo Protein Comes In The Following Flavors:   Original Vanilla Chocolate Variety

Let’s cut right to the chase here folks, the vanilla is amazing… Just like the other flavors, it has a great consistency, not clumpy, blends well… It’s very smooth and silky as you drink it, and the taste is great!!  Then I mixed in some strawberries, and I had to pry my glass away from my daughter!   Now, about five hours later, I can honestly say that I had no issues from any of the Paleo Protein, I rode my bike, I went for a hike, I felt great today!  And for someone with autoimmune issues, that says a lot for the quality of this protein powder that Julian Bakery is offering us.  Plus I love how they put a blend of pre and probiotics in there, which helps my gut flora while I am getting a protein shake…

Please make sure you check out and try some Paleo Protein ASAP!!!  They come in three flavors and can be purchased  individually or in a Paleo Protein Three-Pack, but whatever flavor you choose, know that they all are made without any of that “bad stuff”, like hormones, grains, chemicals, and they are minimally processed!  I hope you enjoyed my review of the Paleo Protein- Vanilla Flavor and please keep checking back for more awesome Julian Bakery products!

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