Paleo Protein™ Review By Julian Bakery

For the ultimate Paleo Protein or Paleo Protein Powder in true Paleo form, look no further!  This is Dan from Primal4Life reviewing the new “Paleo Protein™”.  When I found out Julian Bakery has an egg white based Paleo Protein™ available, I had to check it out ASAP!  It’s available in Chocolate and Vanilla, and I already figured they’d taste great, knowing Julian Bakery was involved.  Its soy free, which obviously is Paleo but it also is truly important to me…. Soy is a trigger for my autoimmune issues, and thankfully Julian Bakery has gone the extra mile to keep soy out of their products.  Paleo Protein™ is no exception!

They have added digestive enzymes and electrolytes to make this formula easily digestible, yet still being GMO-free!  Each serving (1 scoop) has 103 calories, and 20 grams of protein…. Yet just 1 net carb for the Chocolate, 2 net carbs for Vanilla, and only 1 gram of sugar, with no trans fats!  Meanwhile, there’s a bunch of B vitamins, along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron too!

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  • Egg White Protein (Soy Free) (Powdered By Flash Frozen Process) (GMO FREE)
  • Natural Chocolate
  • Whole Egg Protein (GMO FREE)
  • Stevia
  • Protease Digestive
  • Electrolytes
  • (Vitamins)

**Gluten Free


Taste is where I draw the line…. If it doesn’t jive for me in that department, I need to go to another product.  Well, with a little coconut milk and a quick blend in my Vitamix, I taste-tested both flavors, and I was stunned.  My first sip was the Chocolate Paleo Protein, and I instantly fell in love with the light chocolate taste…. And it had a hint of amaretto, which I truly enjoyed!!!  When I took a quick sip of the Vanilla Paleo Protein, I was brought back to when I was a kid enjoying a McDonald’s vanilla shake.  Not that I want to put Julian Bakery and McDonald’s in the same category; obviously we know the ingredients don’t compare, but this vanilla shake was awesome!  I let Ali have a sip of each, and she was also a fan.  Then, combining both flavors together was also another great experience….. And yes, I do bring blends of protein powders to work, and yes I will be bringing both flavors of Paleo Protein together in my shaker bottle.


Looking for that perfect protein powder?  We’ve found it!!!  Paleo Protein™ with egg whites is what you want!  It’s a true Paleo, GMO-free, soy free protein powder that tastes great no matter which flavor you choose.  And an hour later, I am feeling great, with no bloating or strange after-effects.  Make sure you go to and pick up yours today while you restock your Paleo Bread and Paleo Wraps!  Thanks for taking a moment to check out this review of Julian Bakery’sPaleo Protein™, and please come back for more honest and from the heart reviews on their awesome Paleo products!



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