Paleo Protein Bars

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OU81 Protein Bar Review (100% Grass Fed)

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”OU81 All-Natural Nutrition Bars.”  As an avid mountain-biker, runner, workout-aholic, I am always looking for that extra edge.  And part of that edge is to have fuel on the go.  Well, today’s review is one that is absolutely perfect for your go-to source of fuel; we have the […]

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Amrap™ Nutrition : Refuel Bar Review 100% Paleo

Looking for the perfect Paleo Protein Bar? Well I am Paleo Nate and once again, I come to you sharing another great new product that I discovered along my Paleo Journey. This one’s called the AMRAP™ Refuel Bar by AMRAP Nutrition LLC. I know what you’re thinking, another nutrition bar. Yes, you’re right, but wait, there’s more. […]

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