Paleo Orange Hummus Dip (Legume Free)

Hummus is one of those appetizers that I truly miss, and since I haven’t been consuming legumes much these days, I wish there was an alternate way to make hummus…  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Orange Hummus” from the Paleo Happy Hour cookbook.  Yes everyone, you can make hummus from other ingredients besides beans!  Legumes don’t hold a patent on hummus!!!  Walnuts do the trick, zucchini can make it happen, and apparently so does cauliflower!  Kelly Milton, author of the wonderful cookbook “Paleo Happy Hour”, has a delicious and healthy “Orange Hummus” recipe which I have slightly upgraded with some quality Paleo products from Julian Bakery.  I think you’ll like it, and combined with some Almond Thin Crackers and fresh veggies, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully Paleo appetizer!

With a few simple and smart swaps, we’ve ensured that this hummus is as Paleo and as healthy as can be.   Starting our first swap off, I’m using Coconut Secret – Raw Coconut Vinegar rather than rice vinegar.  We are now incorporating one of the healthiest vinegars you can find!  Since it’s made with coconut and minimally processed, it’s low glycemic, along with being made GMO and soy free, as well as gluten-free and loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  Next, Kelly calls for coconut aminos, so there’s no upgrading needed….  Coconut Secret- Coconut Aminos is a fine product, minimally processed, using the least amount of heat possible to keep from ruining the product, and also loaded with lots of healthy good stuff!  Plus, it’s a great replacement for soy!!  When I saw “paprika” listed in the ingredients, I figured why not upgrade to Paleo Powder?   Its gluten and MSG free, it has a great taste, and it works well on just about anything you sprinkle it on.  It’s made with chili powder, pepper blend, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin. Another reason why I reach for Paleo Powder over straight up paprika is because paprika tends to bother my joints pretty badly.  Paprika is a nightshade and tends to bother me more than pepper does (which also is a nightshade and should be avoided if you suffer from autoimmune issues), so it’s a simple swap that allows me to keep feeling good.  Finally, I’ve busted out one of my most favorite tasting sea salts; Quantum Pink Salt!  It has a mix of Mediterranean Sea Salt and Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt.  And, Quantum Nutrition Labs has passed on adding in chemicals, binding agents and other junk that I just don’t want in my food or in my body.

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  1. Steam the cauliflower florets for about 8 minutes or until tender.  Thoroughly drain the cauliflower.

  2. In a food processor or blender, combine the cauliflower, tahini, orange juice, onion, coconut vinegar, coconut aminos, mustard, cumin, Paleo Powder, Quantum Pink Salt, ginger, coriander, and turmeric.  Puree until smooth.

  3. Serve the hummus with Almond Thin Crackers, sweet potato chips, or sliced vegetables like carrots, red bell peppers, broccoli, or cucumbers.

Prep Time:  10 min

Cook Time:  8 min

Serves: 6-10

Since we’ve removed the beans and used cauliflower, right off the bat we have less calories, great nutrition, and a lot less carbs too.  This hummus has such a nice flavor, with a subtle spice that isn’t overpowering.  Yet, many of those spices are anti-inflammatory and helpful in combating disease and free radicals.  This was a simple hummus to make, and totally worth trying!  Combined with fresh veggies and Almond Thin Crackers (the only crackers that I will consume!), you’ve got a great appetizer that’s kept Paleo and will allow your guests to wonder where they can buy it…. Little do they know, you are the Pro-Paleo-Chef!

So check out and grab all of the ultra-nutritious and scrumptious items used in this write-up, so that you too can amaze your guests and keep everyone feeling good.  You can also stop into Julian Bakery’s La Jolla or Oceanside, California locations and grab them there too!  Thanks for checking out this yummy, low carb, chemical free Paleo appetizer, and I hope you have a great day!


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