Paleo Mussels over Zero Carb Pasta

”Paleo Mussels over Pasta.”  If you’ve been following my food blogs, you’ll notice that when I shop at the local fish market, I shop….  Yesterday we picked up a few items, and one item in particular made me salivate…  Mussels!!!  I picked up a couple pounds, and this afternoon I enjoyed them over pasta.  Well, Miracle Noodles to be more specific!  You know I wouldn’t have a cheat day with regular pasta, because my day would end up on the couch in agony!  Miracle Noodles not only taste great when you cook them up with something tasty, but they have zero calories, zero carbs, zero guilt!  And they are super easy to cook up!!  We pick them up through Julian Bakery whenever we are getting more Paleo items, like our Paleo Bread, and I like to keep a good inventory of both to be honest. 

This meal starts off with getting the mussels cleaned up, if you aren’t familiar with that, what I do is soak them in water for about 20 minutes…. Then brush them off, and try to get the little ‘beard’ out of any that have it showing.  Then I put them in another bowl of water until I’m ready to cook ‘em up.  Next, I chopped some parsley, and had half a lemon sliced up, along with two cloves of garlic for the steaming.  When everything was good to go, I put an inch of water in the pot, boiled it up with some sea salt, and then added the parsley, lemon, and garlic slivers.  Now, add your mussels and let them steam for about seven or eight minutes.  In the meantime I started boiling some water for my Miracle Noodles, I ended up using two pouches.  Once boiling, add the noodles, and cook for 1-2 minutes (remember to strain and rinse the Miracle Noodles first!).   Finish it up with some Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and some Almond Paleo Bread with Paleo


• 2 lbs mussels

• ½ lemon – sliced

• 2 cloves garlic – slivered

• Salt and pepper to taste

• Hand full of parsley, chopped

• 2 bags Miracle Noodles

• 1 cup spinach

• 1 tbsp Garlic Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil

• 1 tbsp EVOO

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 1 slice Almond Paleo Bread

• 1 tsp Paleo Butter


1)      Wash and prep mussels

2)      In a large pot, boil 1” water, then add sea salt, lemon, garlic, parsley, and finally mussels

3)      Steam for 7-8 minutes

4)      In another smaller pot, boil water, when boiling – add Miracle Noodles for 1-2 minutes along with spinach

5)      When both are done, strain Miracle Noodles and spinach, then strain mussels over the noodles/spinach for more flavor

6)      Add Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil and EVOO, salt and pepper

7)      Toast Paleo Bread, then add Paleo Butter

8)      Salt & pepper to taste

Pickup All These Items Here:

Prep Time:

• 20 minutes

Cook Time:

• 10 minutes

Serves: 1-2

What a fantastic lunch, bringing me back to the good ‘ole days where pasta dishes prevailed….  Now are the days of Paleo, realizing that pasta spikes your insulin and blood sugar levels, causing inflammation and leading to sickness.  No wonder why my cholesterol levels were jacked up, and no wonder why I suffered from allergies, heart-burn, and couldn’t get rid of that belly!  Miracle Noodles are the way to go, with zero everything and only nutrition, and they cook up in a zip!  Along with my fresh mussels, great seasonings, and a great slice of Almond Paleo Bread with some of that awesome Paleo Butter, this was a lunch of champions!  If you aren’t familiar with Paleo Butter, it’s a ghee, made from cows that were fed grass…  Interesting concept, but it’s what they should be eating, making this ghee one of the best around!  And, you can get it from Julian Bakery, along with your Paleo Bread, your Nuco Liquid Premium Coconut Oil which comes in three flavors, and the Miracle Noodles!

So make sure you check out for all of these wonderful items, and many many more!  Paleo items are constantly being added to their site, and I am thankful that I found them…. Ever since, my cholesterol has been going in the right direction, from poor to simply amazing…. My heart burn is under control, my allergies and asthma is gone, and I am lovin’ life!  Thanks for taking the time to check out my food blog, using some of Julian Bakery’s finest products, and have a safe and happy day!

By: Dan From Primal4Life 

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