Paleo Lobster Sandwich On Paleo Bread

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Lobster Rolls On Paleo Bread.”  I love how Julian Bakery’s products allow me to enjoy foods that I haven’t had in ages….  It has been ages because thanks to modern medicine ruining my gut, I unfortunately acquired auto-immune issues and sensitivity to wheat, gluten, and non-organic foods.  Even gluten-free breads from other bread makers would give me issues, so a lobster roll was out of the question…   Until I heard of this magical stuff called Paleo Bread!  I decided to give it a whirl, and ever since I have been enjoying life as I used to remember it…   Well, at least in the food department.  Sometimes the best come to those who wait, and luckily the wait is over!!!  So let’s get right to business, and see how this lobster roll came out!


1 Lobster

• 2 tablespoons Butter

• 2 slices coconut Paleo Bread™

• 1 tablespoon Sea Salt

• Pepper


1)      In a large pot, get water boiling with 1 tablespoon salt

2)      Add lobster when water is boiling and allow to cook for 20 minutes

3)      When lobster is close to being done, start toasting Paleo Bread™

4)      When lobster is done, remove from water and remove meat from shell.

5)      Cut up lobster meat into small chunks, enough for two rolls.

6)      Melt some butter in a frying pan, then transfer bread to pan and toast up some more.

7)      In a small bowl, melt rest of butter (I used a toaster oven).

8)      Carefully remove bowl from toaster oven, and drizzle some butter on bread.

9)      Top bread with lobster meat, and drizzle with more butter.

10)   Salt & pepper to taste

 Prep Time:

• 10 minutes

Cook Time:

• 30 minutes


• 1-2

Once again, Julian Bakery saves the day, and today is lobster roll day!  I was so delighted to have a a delicious breakfast that was so filling, tasty, nutritious, and Paleo compliant!  Yes, I said breakfast…. Breakfast is just another meal, no need to start my day off with Wheaties and then go into a coma on the couch.  Do you think Cavemen said “It’s breakfast, we can’t have lobster?”  No way man!!  So eat up whatever you like, and today I am liking this lobster roll on Paleo Bread!  It’s a meal that has no gluten, GMO’s, soy, and it’s packed with protein, fiber, good fats, and a boat load of deliciousness!!! 

Thanks for reading my food blog, I hope you enjoyed my lobster rolls, and I look forward many other meals with the healthy and awesome Paleo Bread™!  Make sure you check out all of the Paleo items that Julian Bakery offers, from bars to Coconut Manna, they have it all!



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