Paleo Kids Breakfast

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Kid’s Paleo Breakfast.”  Since my little girl had a slight fever yesterday, and I have been trying to get as many nutrients in her system as possible, I really want her to eat a good meal today.  And I’m not talking about how an adult says “She ate a good meal”, when it’s referring to portion size.  I’m referring to “She ate a good meal” as in she ate her good fats, ate her protein, and ate fruits and/or veggies.  None of that wheat business, covered in pesticides….  This morning, my Ali is getting a Paleo breakfast that will fill her and replenish her system, along with helping her grow the right way.  The Paleo way!   But of course, I have to give her a couple treats; I mean she is a kid…  But, even though these “treats” are healthy for you, she knows it, and she still wants them!  Thanks to Julian Bakery, Ali can enjoy some great snacks, and it makes her feel like she got the winning hand from the deal.  With her healthy breakfast consisting of organic eggs, nitrate free bacon, and a trio of mixed fruit, she is going to enjoy some mint Paleo Chocolate and a couple Paleo Macaroons.  Both are healthy, made from all natural ingredients, and taste wonderful.  The chocolate is not yet available online, but soon will be.  For now, they are available only in the La Jolla, California location…. So if you are local, stop on in and give them a whirl, let me know your thoughts.  Personally, they are the closest to real raw cacao nibs, but with a choice of regular, mint, or orange natural flavoring.  The Coconut Macaroons are also to die for, and luckily they are available online as well as in the store! 


• 2 eggs

• ½ tablespoon grass-fed butter

• 2 strips organic nitrate-free bacon

• 2 strawberries

• ½ banana – sliced

• 2 slices of apple

• 1 piece Mint Paleo Chocolate™

• 2 Paleo Macaroons™


1)      Cook bacon

2)      Cook eggs with butter to your (child’s) liking

3)      Wash and slice fruit, and place on plate

4)      Add bacon & eggs to plate when done

5)      Add Coconut Macaroons and Paleo Chocolate

Prep Time:

• 3 minutes

Cook Time:

• 15 minute


• 1

As a parent, I am pleased that my child is getting a nutritious meal, and I am looking forward to her growing up in a healthy fashion.  From the locally raised eggs, to the fresh fruit, to the tasty treats that are from a company that I can trust, I am glad that she is eating such a wonderful meal.  Thanks to Julian Bakery, a company that uses fresh and organic products, I have no doubt in my mind that my child is getting quality foods that help her not only get a good meal, but also learn about what it takes to choose a healthy product.  If you watched the video, you’ll see that she knows what a GMO is, and that these products do not contain them.  She’s going to be celebrating her fifth birthday in a few weeks, and I am beyond thrilled to know that an almost 5-year-old knows how to say “Genetically Modified Organism”.  The Paleo lifestyle, including Julian Bakery, is paving the way for a healthy generation, and I’m glad to be part of it.




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