Paleo Cowboy Turkey & Kale Sandwich

Yippy ky yay!!!  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a “Paleo Cowboy Turkey & Kale Sandwich”.  Huge fan of the cowboy burgers here; I love topping an egg on just about anything, and I crave that awesome and super healthy yolk.  Yes, yolks are healthy; as long as the eggs are from quality, organic, free-range chickens, go for it!  Recent studies are promoting egg yolks as being one of the most nutritious for eye-health…  And with all of the healthy fats and amino acids, I usually consume several eggs on a daily basis.  

So I decided to start off my day with a cowboy style sandwich, using Paleo Bread of course….  I opted for coconut Paleo Bread, fresh out of my freezer and then toasted in my toaster oven.  It takes about 10 minutes, and giddy-up!  Plus, with just one net carb per slice, I have not worries about overdoing it in the carb department.   In my cast-iron skillet, I pour in some Original Nuco Liquid Coconut Oil, which is organic and GMO-free, and comes in Lemon-Herb as well as Garlic.  Talk about healthy fats, a heat-stable oil, and a perfect way to add a nice flavor to your meals!  Although I would just pick up the variety pack so you are ready for just about any meal!

Once warmed up, I add in some turkey cutlets, which I’ve sprinkled on some Paleo Powder for just the right touch of seasoning.  Since we’re going for that “cowboy” effect, Paleo Powder fits right in!  And since it’s gluten free and MSG-free, it earns the Paleo stamp of approval and works for me with my “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, keeping me feeling awesome.  

Add in some fresh kale, for some healthy greens, and add in a little pinch of Quantum Pink Salt for a nice flavor enhancement as well as added nutrition.  Next, crack your egg into the pan, and season with more of that real salt, and a touch of pepper.



  1. Warm pan and add Nuco Coconut Oil

  2. Add turkey cutlets and season with Paleo Powder, flip after a few minutes and season other side as well.

  3. Add fresh kale to pan, allow to soften

  4. Add egg to pan, season egg and kale with Quantum Pink Salt and black pepper

  5. Toast Paleo Bread in toaster oven

  6. Serve as you wish, I opted to put kale on my Paleo Bread, then turkey, then the egg…

Serves: 1

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

[youtube id=Pw5MTuXywLA]

When I saw my egg yolk running down the side of my turkey, over the kale, and drenching my bottom slice of coconut Paleo Bread, I couldn’t help but get a little excited.  This was a very tasty meal; its ultra nutritious and healthy…  Filled with good fats, quality proteins, and I still got to enjoy a sandwich while maintaining my Paleo lifestyle…  Thanks to Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread!  And, it’s made without GMO’s, without gluten, without soy, and keeps me going full force.  

I’m getting ready to go for a hike today, so this was my pre-hike meal…  Followed up with some Sunfood Super Foods Goji Berries (loaded with anti-oxidants), Paleo Chocolate (83% Cacao and crazy good!!!), and Nutiva Coconut Manna (thick, rich coconut flavor, providing me with that coconut goodness…).  I’ll be feeling good before, during, and after my hike, enjoying life, taking in fresh air and getting in touch with Mother Nature.

That’s what Paleo is all about.  I hope you too get to enjoy a healthy, Paleo meal, a wonderful day, and feel good through and through.  Make sure you go to for all of the delicious Paleo products used in my breakfast food blog, and please be assured that you are getting the finest quality products in one easy to shop place!  Julian Bakery!




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