Paleo Coconut Flakes Review

Three years…. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve dug into a bowl of traditional cereal.   This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Paleo Coconut Flakes Review”.  Do I have any regrets or feel bad about my three year mark lacking those heart healthy whole grains?  Not one bit.  In fact, I am extremely proud of my accomplishment of eating clean, real foods, putting quality Paleo approved goodness in my body, and staying away from the blood sugar and insulin spiking whole grains that have anti-nutrients in them. (Buy Now Online Paleo Coconut Flakes)

I did it in stages to be honest…. First went the grains, then the beans, then the dairy.  It was in a span of about four months, but since grains were the first to on the chopping block, cereal was therefore first to get cut.  I used to eat a close Paleo diet, but at the end of my long day I loved sitting on the couch to watch a couple of my favorite shows with a big bowl of that supposedly “healthy” cereal.  Minutes after consuming it, my heart would race, and soon I’d be falling asleep on the couch.  Why was this happening to me??  Well, I wasn’t consuming kids’ cereals, I was going with cereals marketed as healthy, including whole grains and whole wheat.  Now that I’ve brushed up on my health and nutrition knowledge, I’ve learned that wheat spikes your blood sugar and insulin levels more than candy, and will keep those levels elevated for longer periods of time.  Apparently my body didn’t like that at all, and then I would crash and pass out…..  Sound familiar?  Has this happened to you?


Once I ditched the grains, this stopped happening completely.  I still was very tired at the end of a hard-working (and training) day, but I wasn’t experiencing the high heart-rate and sudden crash.  Fast-forward a couple years and I have become a Julian Bakery fan for life, the stars aligned, and I have become a lucky lab-rat, testing their up and coming products and giving my honest opinion.  When I heard a “Paleo Cereal” was coming out, I was speechless!!!  When I tasted it, I was happy.  When I finished it, I felt fine!  Through the past year or so, they’ve tweaked the recipe several times, and it’s consistently gotten better and better.  We are at a point now where we’ve reached the final version of their “Paleo Cereal”, and I am no longer speechless!!!  I am here to say that Paleo Coconut Flakes are here to stay!

Right off the bat, I love the packaging, and I think you will too!  It’s cute, it gets the message across that it lacks gluten and GMO’s, its low carb, has a good amount of fiber, and it claims it’s delicious.  Well, it is delicious!!!  It has a nice crunch to it, but it does soak up a little of what you’ve drowned it in (which I like!).  In my case, coconut milk made the cut, along with Sunfood Super Foods Goji Berries and slivered almonds to give it a different taste and an additional combination of textures and crunch.   With just three ingredients (Coconut Meat, Coconut Water and Palm Starch), they probably have created a cereal with the least amount of ingredients ever!  That’s a huge bonus, because when it comes to ingredients, more is not merrier.  And since these ingredients are quality, and not engineered in a lab or based on sugar, it really can’t get much better.


They say it’s low in carbs, but how low?  Seven net carbs!  I had a huge bowl of it about thirty minutes ago, I feel absolutely fine!!!  I’m not bloated, I’m not super-stuffed, and I’m happily satiated.  This is great news, because since Paleo Coconut Flakes are made with coconut, it has MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which fuel your body and brain, and has quality saturated fats (no trans fats), it’s going to be my one and only cereals for a very long time.  Plus, since it’s low carb and coconut based,  while having just five grams of sugar, it may not knock you out of ketosis if that’s what your aiming for.  Meanwhile, those seven grams of fiber are going to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time, which is great news if you are trying to eat a little less to lose weight.

[youtube id=iG5A8Tm6Sv8]

As you can tell, I’m stoked about Paleo Coconut Flakes, and I’m betting you will be too!  They are scheduled to come out soon, so keep checking as well as their Oceanside and La Jolla, California locations!  Trust me; you will be happy as a clam when you first try Paleo Coconut Flakes, especially if you’ve fully eliminated grains like I have.  Your kids will love ‘em too!!!  Thanks for stopping by to review this Julian Bakery Paleo product, and please come again for more great Paleo products that keep you fueled right and feeling good!



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