Paleo Chocolate Mini-Bundts Gluten Free Recipe

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Chocolate Mini-Bundts with Vanilla Frosting.”  I cannot believe the delectable Paleo treats that one cookbook can offer…. From beginning to end, Paleo Indulgences is packed with great recipes ranging from desserts to entrees.   For today’s feast at my parents’ house, we want to bring them a treat that will keep them chuggin’ on the Paleo path that they recently have chosen.  Since they are 100% Italian, pasta and breads are a staple, and they have come a long way by stepping things up with a good plant and animal diet.  Recently they picked up some Paleo Bread and they were thrilled with how it tastes and what you could do with the bread, ranging from a simple sandwich to breadcrumbs!  Now we want to show them what else Julian Bakery offers; with a cookbook and a few Paleo ingredients we can make a killer dessert that doesn’t have to make you claim you had a cheat-day!

Dry Ingredients:

• ¼ cup Coconut Secret – Coconut Flour, sifted

• ¼ tsp salt

• ½ tsp baking powder

• ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Wet Ingredients:

• 4 eggs

• 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

• ¼ cup Coconut Secret – Coconut Nectar

• ¼ cup coconut milk

• ¼ cup coconut oil, melted

Ingredients for vanilla frosting:

• 2/3 cup butter

• 1/3 cup pure maple syrup (we ran out of Coconut Nectar, feel free to substitute if you have it!)

• 2 tsp pure vanilla extract

• 2 tablespoons arrowroot starch

• 2 tsp Coconut Secret – Coconut Flour

• Pinch sea salt


1)      Preheat oven to 350 F

2)      Place dry ingredients in a medium bowl and whisk to combine.

3)      Add wet ingredients, except coconut oil, to the dry and mix well with a hand mixer.

4)      With the mixer on low, slowly pour in the coconut oil.  Mix well.

5)      Divide the batter evenly among a 6-cavity greased mini-bundt pan.

6)      Bake 22-25 minutes, or until the center of the cakes spring back when pressed lightly.

7)      Cool 10 minutes in the pan and then turn out onto a wire rack.  Cool completely before frosting.

8)      For frosting: Place all ingredients except butter in a medium bowl, and use a hand mixer to blend until fully combined.

9)      With the mixer on low, slowly add the coconut oil, blending until completely smooth.

10)   Frosting can be stored in the refrigerator up to a week.  Let it soften a bit at room temperature and fluff it up with a hand mixer before using.

Prep Time:

• 10 minutes

Cook Time:

• 25 minutes


• 6 bundts

Absolutely fantastic, this amazed us as well as our parents… And I am glad that we have been experimenting with not only different recipes from the Paleo Cookbooks that Julian Bakery offers, but also the quality ingredients that they sell as well.  Coconut Flour and Coconut Nectar are great alternatives to other flours and that may raise insulin levels, or honey, agave and syrup that have more calories and sugar.  Coconut Secret really brings a host of great products our way, with tons of amino acids and vitamins that other products lack…. And we are glad to incorporate these items into our recipes to enhance not just the flavor but the nutrient levels as well.

So please stop by for the items mentioned in this meal to make this recipe, and other great Paleo meals as well.  While you are there, check out their other fine products ranging from Paleo Bread to Paleo Protein.  I frequent both of those items and I can vouch that they are top notch products that are made from the finest, most organic ingredients around.  I hope you try these “Chocolate Mini-Bundts with Vanilla Frosting”, and if you do let me know how you enjoyed them!  Take care!

Dan From Primal4Life 

Paleo Bread By Julian Bakery

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