Paleo Chocolate Covered Paleo Macaroons

This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you ”Paleo Chocolate Covered Paleo Macaroons.”  Since we just had the pleasure of trying one of Julian Bakery’s newest creations yesterday, the Paleo Chocolate, a little birdy told me to try dipping those delicious Paleo Macaroons in them….  And I am glad I listened!  This was a very simple treat to make, and I can’t keep stressing the word treat!  These were so good, you have to try them!  Paleo Chocolate comes in three awesome flavors, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mint, and Dark Chocolate with Orange.  I love all three flavors, but tonight I decided to keep things simple and leave the extra (but tasty) flavors out and stick with straight up Paleo Chocolate for these Paleo Macaroons.  I started things off with water in a frying pan, heated it up on my stove and place another smaller pan in that water, like a “double boiler”.  Once boiling, I put a bar of the Paleo Chocolate into the pan and allowed it to melt.  After a minute, I was stirring it up until fully melted, and then shut the stove off.  Carefully, I selected a few Paleo Macaroons, and dipped them into the melted Paleo Chocolate.  Make sure you allow them to drip that heavenly melted chocolate off the lovely macaroon, or else you’ll end up with a little mess….  Then finally, plate, and repeat until done. 


• 1 bar Paleo Chocolate

• 10 Paleo Macaroons


1)      Heat up pan, with a double boiler like I described above.

2)      Melt Paleo Chocolate, stir to make sure its fully melted.

3)      Carefully dip Paleo Macaroons into Paleo Chocolate.

4)      Allow to drip, and then plate.

Prep Time:

• 5 minutes

Cook Time:

• 3 minutes


• 10 Paleo Chocolate Covered Paleo Macaroons

Overall, this was one of the simplest, easiest desserts to make.  Thanks to Julian Bakery for providing us all with the ingredients right at the touch of our keyboard, at  – we are able to easily order up both the Paleo Chocolate and the Paleo Macaroons, to make this with ease.  Both items are gluten and dairy free, GMO free, and made with some of the best ingredients around.  While you are shopping for these items, make sure you stock up on some of Julian Bakery’s finest items, like their coconut and almond Paleo Bread, their Miracle Noodles, and their Paleo Butter.  Thanks for checking us out, and I hope you check back soon for more delicious and super healthy meals via Primal4Life and Julian Bakery!

Dan From Primal4Life 

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