Paleo Cereal Prototype 2

Cereal is definitely a tough subject when it comes to someone that used to love it and has going Paleo. This is Dan from Primal4Life reviewing Julian Bakery’s “Paleo Cereal.”  I was sent some Paleo Cereal in the past, I know I begged and bothered Julian Bakery to make a Paleo Cereal, and perhaps that did it….  Perhaps they were already in the process of creating it and kept me in suspense… Either way, they did it, and they are putting the final touches on perfecting it.  I’ve experienced a raisin version which was very tasty; Raisin Bran was one of my favorites as a child…..  Today, I just experienced their plain Paleo Cereal, along with one with dried mango chunks.  And guess what…..  They were slammin’!!!!!  

In my opinion, Paleo Cereal is a must have.  Cereal, and grains in this country are problematic.  We were all taught to eat our “whole healthy grains”.  What happened?  We gained weight, we developed issues, and we ate less vegetables and real food.  Then, we were told to eat less… Less overall, less fats, less meats, and to stick to the grains.  Now we are waking up and smelling what has been cooking.  With Paleo Cereal, you are getting real food, no grains, no gluten, no soy, no added junk!!!  This is a healthy part of your breakfast, not Captain Crunch or even Kashi for that matter.  Think about it, how do you make a cow get fatter quicker?  Give it grains…. 

Okay, let’s discuss the Paleo Cereals, and how I enjoyed them….  The plain, no sugar-added Paleo Cereal was crispy, and light, with a hint of coconut flavor.  Yup, they are made with real, organic, non-GMO coconut….  I loved the crunch, and they didn’t get soggy at all; even while I had them swimming in some organic coconut milk while I took pictures and even did a video review.

The dried mango version was also a nice touch…  I thought it added a very nice flavor, without a sugary taste!  Although I still thought the raisin version topped it…. The plain, in my book, is the perfect Paleo Cereal.  Perhaps because I have fallen in love with coconut, I really liked the straight up Paleo Cereal. 

So make sure you’re on the lookout for The Paleo Cereal from Julian Bakery…. I am being told they are prototypes, and I am more than willing to be a lab-rat and taste-test the heck out of more versions of The Paleo Cereal.  I just hope you too get to try them out soon, because you and your children are going to love them!  Until then, make sure you enjoy the Paleo Wraps and Paleo Bread; two Paleo items that have revolutionized our lives!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to check out my review of The Paleo Cereal.  I hope you enjoyed this, and don’t have to anticipate it’s arrival much longer!


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