Paleo Carrot & Frittata Sandwich

We really love the combinations of recipes that meld together to form incredible Paleo meals…  This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you a ”Paleo Carrot & Frittata Sandwich.”  Combining a wonderful frittata that Rachel made, along with a “Moroccan Carrot Salad” from the Primal Cravings cookbook, we made an incredible sandwich…  And of course, we can’t forget to mention that this sandwich starts and ends with some almond Paleo Bread

So I’m sure some of you have concerns about how to toast, grill, or cook your Paleo Bread… Especially if it’s frozen, right?  No worries.  I have a few loafs of Paleo Bread on hand, in the freezer, at all times.  And it’s quite simple to be truthful.  I first try to break off a slice with my bare hands… If that isn’t working, I’ll carefully use a knife to separate a couple slices.  Then, into the toaster oven we go!  Well usually…. If the grill is on, I love a slice of grilled up Paleo Bread.  And if Rach is cooking something up in our oven, we’ll toss the slices into the oven!  It’s very versatile, and the fact that it was frozen makes no change other than a little more time in the oven, or grill…  In the related video, you’ll see that I used my toaster oven today, it was about 10 minutes, and wallah, done!!!!!!!!   The latest version of Paleo Bread is a little softer, more like real bread…. So it does, in my opinion, require a few more minutes of toast time.  Try it out, let me know your thoughts…. I’m curious if anyone has noticed a difference. 



  1. Cut the tops and ends off of the carrots.  Peel the carrots and discard the skins.  Continue to peel the carrots until you’ve whittled down as far as you can.
  2. Place the carrots in a large bowl, and add olive oil, garlic, mint, apple juice concentrate, coconut vinegar, and Quantum Pink Salt.
  3. Refrigerate until cold, stirring occasionally to coat the carrot peels.
  4. Combine with your favorite Frittata, and two slices of almond Paleo Bread, to make a delicious sandwich.

Prep Time:

• 10 minutes

Cook Time:

• 20 minutes

Rachel made a killer Frittata, with spinach, mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, garlic, onions, and basil… Oh, and she did add some mozzarella and Romano cheese, so technically “this” one is Primal.  But I’ll leave the Frittata up to you!  Whatever your heart desires, as long as its healthy, go for it!  But try it with the “Moroccan Carrot Salad” from Primal Cravings….. This is one awesome cookbook, with great photography, recipes, and information too!  And, we got it from – right next to where we pick up our Paleo Bread!

When it came to taste, this was one of the best sandwiches I’ve enjoyed in quite a while…  I really enjoyed the creaminess from the eggs, combined with the crunch from the carrots.  And the carrots on their own were really tasty!!!  I think this is a great dish for a salad or appetizer… Or apparently in a sandwich! 

So make sure you go to Julian Bakery to get the products used for this wonderful carrot dish, along with some of the latest and greatest Paleo Bread!  And again, need not worry about defrosting, just toast away!!!  Thanks for stopping by to check out this “Paleo Carrot Frittata Sandwich”, I hope you liked it and please stop by again!


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